Author Topic: CAST FAKE...BEWARE: Akbar, Silver Rupee, Lahore, Khurdad, Ilahi 45, KM 93.11  (Read 582 times)

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Akbar, Silver Rupee, Lahore, 9.48g 19mm, Khurdad, Ilahi 45, KM 93.11

This coin was in a recent concluded Auction in India. Thanks to Jan (Oesho) who identified it as a cast fake. I think both the under-weight @9.48g and the appearance of the coin marked it as fake, though the calligraphy looks good.
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The porous surface looks suspicious and it should not pass the "ping" test.

Somehow, my tired eyes keep reading FAST CAKE...

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These thick pieces, but even thinner, like many hammered, old, especially Roman coins, could never pass ping test anyway.

However, the porous surface is suspicious and the weight says everything for itself.

Thanks mitresh and Oesho for pointing this out.