Belgian Medal Honouring A Yorkshire Man

Started by constanius, July 15, 2016, 04:43:27 AM

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Purchased this via eBay.  The seller only knew what the medal itself conveyed.

Took some effort but I have discovered quite a lot more.

G. & C. Kreglinger. Bronze, 63x51mm. By R.V. Baetes,  Obv. Mural crown over inverted shield, which shows a sailing ship off Antwerp, * RUST * - * RŒST *, St. George and the Dragon below. Rev. Laurel-rose wreath encloses shield with monogram GCK, around  EN RECONNAISSANCE  ARTHUR DUCKETT 1797(The founding date of G. & C. Kreglinger.
Link for Kreglinger history   

Who was Arthur Duckett?

The Times(London England) April 9 1920, page 48
"The London, Bradford, and Liverpool branches under the style of Kreglinger and Fernau are well known in Wool, Hides and Shipping circles, in the United Kingdom, as well as in the financial milieu"

Editted & Abbreviated from that Times article.
Almost all of the 82 members of the firm G & C Kreglinger, who joined up, did so without having been called up by conscription.
The roll of honour bears the names of eleven who fell in the great cause : Belgians. French, British, and Australians. In addition, five members of the staff lost sons in the War.

Antwerp, Belgium, Kreglinger House, 14 July 2007, there was unveiled a plaque in honour of Kreglinger employees who served in  the armed forces during the First World War.

Under Bradford, fourth name, Arthur Duckett, there are 82 names on the plaque, so 71 survived the War.

1922 newspaper report of a comment by Albert Kreglinger while he was in New Zealand.
."As a matter of fact it has been quicker to ship Australian wool to Bradford, via Antwerp, than via  London, on account of there being less congestion in Antwerp, and exceptionally quick sea transit"
So Arthur Duckett of Bradford, worked for Kreglinger.

RAF/RFC service #298451.  In 1918 the RFC and the Royal Navy Air Service were merged into the RAF. 

Born Thorton, Bradford, Yorkshire, England.
Date of Birth: 27/01/1892 –? Date of death not known.

This posting was made in part to try and divert my mind from the terrible attack in Nice, France.   So sad.