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China, Board of Revenue branch privy marks 1762

Started by bgriff99, May 29, 2016, 03:57:18 AM

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Circa 1762, during the reign Qian Long, the Board of Revenue set continuing clear privy marks for its four foundries, or branches.  They are by the compass but upside down, as Chinese maps placed south at the top.    The two left coins are slightly different from the two right ones, which is from two casting seasons during the year.   Mother cash were changed twice per year.   We don't know the exact date this started, but the sequence can be seen, and these are the first.


I learn something new every day ! Thanks for posting these. This is one of those fun details i had never heard of. But once you know it it becomes so obvious you should have seen it before. (Variation on an often used proverb in Dutch that is attributed to our famous philosopher Johan Cruyff  :))