Author Topic: Germany 2017: Rhineland-Palatinate and (maybe) Maastricht Treaty  (Read 3055 times)

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Re: Germany 2017: Rhineland-Palatinate and (maybe) Maastricht Treaty
« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2017, 12:40:04 PM »
In fact, the ECB does not have anything to do with issuing coins (except for the total issue volume). Has been like that since the first day of the euro. :) The decision for or against such a joint issue is taken by the Council of the European Union, usually after a proposal made by the European Commission. After all, legally it is still the member states that issue the coins.

And no, these institutions would not have to "listen" to what dealers say either. However, dealers want to sell coins to their customers, and if collectors have a lukewarm interest at best ("oh, not another joint issue"), a dealer would have to go through quite a bit of effort (possibly resulting in additional expenses), only to find that they are tough to sell ...