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je n'arriver à identifier N °2

Started by gerard974, May 04, 2016, 01:43:34 PM

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This is based on a coin of Qianlong (Ch'ien Lung), but the inscription is far too thick and clumsy to be an original coin: I think it is a modern tourist copy, though of a style I've not seen before.



T'est sûr que c'est un autre? Il me semble que ce sont les mêmes photos...

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I do not understand anything about coins or amulets, but I can read Chinese.
This is an amulet with a very famous phrase: 招財進寶 (zhāocái jìnbǎo) which can be translated
(this amulet may) attract wealth (and) treasure (may) enter.
The attachment shows a different way how these 4 characters are often written.
If you try google with the 4 characters 招財進寶 you will find a lot of pictures, including some round (coin-like) metal amulets. Usually on (the Chinese ebay) a few are offerered at cheap prices.


thank you very much,now i know that is not a coin
best regards Gerard


My comment above related to totally different photographs, now both posts have images of the amulet: confusing.