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8 reales 1808.

Started by Minimax88, April 21, 2016, 12:55:04 AM

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8 reales, Mexico, 1808.
Real or fake  ??? And if not fake, it's value?


Nice coin.

I have long wanted an 8 Reals of either Charles III or IIII or IV or several.
I never made it a priority and can't explain why I never did. They are very interesting coins.

He wasn't know for his good looks but that makes the coin all the more attractive.



I'd be very surprised if it were a fake.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I don't have a scale to tell you it's weight, but I feels and sounds like real massive silver coin. And yes it is very interesting and pretty coin. Thanks guys anyway :)


Mexican coinage of the colonial era is one of my core collecting interests.  This piece looks authentic to me.  It is KM 109.  I would give it a grade of Fine due to wear, but it is holed and scratched.  I would estimate a value of $15-20, which is a bit higher than the Silver value. 

This one dates from the last year of Charles IV's reign - as he was forced to abdicate in March 1808 due to revolts in Spain.  Mexico struck coins for both Charles IV and his son and successor Ferdinand VII that year.  Napoleon was occupying Spain at the time and he then forced Ferdinand VII to abdicate the Spanish throne in favor of Joseph Bonaparte (Napoleon's brother) but Mexico never accepted this.  The conflict over this situation was a major contributing factor to the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence, which began in 1810.  The WOI is a fascinating era of coinage with a huge variety of issues by a wide variety of authorities being available.   



This is as genuine as they come.   Look at the edge.   It should have a repeating design, probably tulips.   It should have end points at 180 degrees apart, from the machine which pressed it in.    That design was soon replaced by alternating boxes and circles, which could not be done on cast counterfeits, as they would lock the mold around the coin.   

This is a common date, and being holed, is not given much premium over silver value.   $US20 or so.   So as a coin in hand, holed pieces of 8 like this are a nice value.   Deceptive copies of relatively common pieces of eight, especially pillars are now being die struck and sold inexpensively.