Kashmir Didda Kshemagupta Joint issue?

Started by Rajagopal, March 24, 2016, 03:36:00 PM

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Coin of Didda Rani and Kshemagupta Combined? or is it an issue of Kshemagupta alone?..Dikshema on one side and Gupta on the other side...weight is 5.69 grams


I think you are right. This one is a joint issue. Here is an illustration from "The Ancient Coinage Of Kashmir With Chronological And Historical Notes, From The Commencement Of The Christian Era To The Conquest Of The Country By The Moguls.
By Lieut. A. Cunningham, Bengal Engineers, Mem. Num. Soc. Of London."
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thanks a lot saikat for your valuable comments and for uploading a picture from the great historian...Zeno has an extensive coverage of similar coinage of various rulers but this one was missing there... I didnt have any image for comparison...hence had doubt regarding the same