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Exotic coins

Started by Oldman Prof, March 23, 2016, 08:44:51 AM

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Oldman Prof

Thanks guy's,that was interesting but I don't want to fool anyone into believing I am a dingkum  collector,I just have this bag of coins given to me a few years ago,collected at a big dept store in Cape Town,from all over the world used(maybe accidentally) in place of our Rand's and Cents, which I took out when I saw some off the coins on this forum,,,,,these I've had for years and are not part of the batch we found in my father in-laws possessions my wife inherited.just going to post picks of a few that I have no Idea what they say,,,never know maybe I can help a real collector,,,,,,maybe Karma can help me out finding very old m/cycle  parts for my hobby. I'm allowed 8 per post so first 4 coins I can't read picked out from the pile.

Oldman Prof

even got a couple from a country that is no more,,,that I know about.


They are from Iran, Israel, Japan and Taiwan. However, you're not supposed to present more than one type of coin for identification in the same post. That's because they get sorted to the appropriate board and these go on different boards. More info here. Please re-post them in separate threads. Thank you.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

Oldman Prof

Ok,will do,was just posting a very few as examples of what I have,or rather a few that I can't read for interest sake,not for identity,,,but thank you