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United Kingdom: Beatrix Potter 50p series

Started by eurocoin, March 22, 2016, 08:58:07 PM

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Below you can find unrealised designs for the 50p series to commemorate Beatrix Potter. These designs were made by Gilles Jourdan and Cecilie Maurud Barstad. They submitted 4 series of designs to The Royal Mint.

These are 3 designs of the portraits series. The characters are being shown with botanical illustrations in the background. A Victorian banner goes through the image with celebratory writings.



Some designs of the tea party series can be seen below. It is a celebration and a party to celebrate Beatrix Potter. Beatrix Potter is having an imaginary tea party with the characters she created.



This is an unrealised design (initial sketch) by designer Emma Noble, who also designed the realised coins.


I very much like the idea of the imaginary tea party. It captures the essence of why Beatrix Potter is commemorated (imaginary characters, animals upholding Victorian values) in the author's style. If that would have been the only design, it would have been a respectable issue.

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