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Roubaix - Un Pain

Started by bagerap, February 20, 2016, 07:07:40 PM

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And a real pain this has been. There are many tokens issued by the Bureau de Bienfaisance, indeed there's another thread devoted to them,33896.msg214137.html#msg214137
which I did not wish to hijack, but this little chap is proving elusive.

Brass, 18 mm.


My Elie lists Roubaix 13.1 as square with cut corners 1 PAIN 1898 for the Societe de Consommation but no others.
Always willing to trade.  See my profile for areas of interest.


I suspect that someone found a large hoard of hitherto unlisted tokens on an attic. That sort of thing has happened before. If so, they'll go up in price again once the lot is distributed.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Thank you gentlemen. sorry for the tardy reply, but I've just discovered that gmail is sending all my WoC notifications to Spam.