Qatar revises its coinage

Started by Pabitra, February 15, 2016, 07:36:24 AM

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announced on Feb 15, 2016


And here is an image of the 2016 set from

(MENAFN - Gulf Times) Qatar Central Bank (QCB) has released "2016 version" of coins of five denominations Dh1, Dh5, Dh10, Dh25 and Dh50.

These coins will be in circulation from the "second half" of this month, a QCB announcement said. Also, these will be in "circulation side by side" with the current coins.

QCB said, "These coins will have the same specificationsf the currently used coins with minor amendments."

The amendments include English letters for numbers on the top of the coin, change in font for the coin value and change in the English font (State of Qatar) on the back of the coin.

On the face of the coin, the year of production has been mentioned on top and there is a change in the Arabic font (State of Qatar).
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This is how the obverses looked in 1973.

And in 2006.

This is very interesting. As World War 3 really starts to kick off and the powers pile into Syria, Qatar's changes clearly show which side it is on. WW3 is already partly destabilising Europe, with the flow of refugees from Iraq, Syria and Libya, which is to some extent polarising politics and feeding into some nasty extreme right sentiment. Already the world stock markets are somewhat unstable, after corrections last year and this year. I am not liking what I am seeing. Please can we have 2013 back? That was before Crimea, ISIL and all the rest.
Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.