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Isle of Man 2016 Mint Set

Started by Bimat, January 15, 2016, 04:41:49 AM

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Pobjoy Mint has recently issued annual mint set for Isle of Man which contains the regular circulation coins of Isle of Man plus the £5 coin. Details on their website are not clear if it's BU or Proof. (It says uncirculated, says proof). Mintage is 'unlimited', i.e. as per demand. Issue Price: £24.96 excluding VAT.

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It's about time Isle of Man changed their coin designs isn't it?  They used to every five years or so I think.  They've had these since 2004, so they must surely be the longest running designs the Isle of Man have used in the decimal era.



I still think the best designs (and indeed one of my favourites world-wide) were the 1980 ones.

They're as good as the Australian, New Zealand, Cook Islands style designs with the wildlife/flora/fauna and numerals.  Very elegant.

Since then, I'm afraid I'm really underwhelmed with all of the Manx designs.


Those are not proof sets.

I would imagine that someone at Pobjoy Mint had to estimate what it would cost them to move to using the new portrait of the queen.... and those costs would have had to have been passed on to their customer...

Thanks Mr Paul Baker


Quote from: Bimat on January 15, 2016, 04:41:49 AMDetails on their website are not clear if it's BU or Proof. (It says uncirculated, says proof).
It will be uncirculated.  These sets have been issued almost exactly the same (apart from the date) every year since these designs were introduced in 2004.  Do they still issue proof sets for Isle of Man?  If not, does anyone know when the last ones were issued?

I think these sets have kept the same price for many years. At one point they were expensive when compared with the UK ones, but nowadays it's the other way round.