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In coordination with the Hathi Trust, ANS has now freely made available a large set of Numismatic Journals for free download:;c=1850525919;sort=title_a;pn=1

There is a wealth of information on these journals and I highly recommend it.  Here are a few gems that can be downloaded for free:

Umayyad, ʻĀbbasid, and Ṭūlūnid glass weights and vessel stamps by Paul Balog
Islamic coins by Michael L. Bates
Coins of the Spanish Mūlūk al-Tawa'if by George C. Miles
The pre-Mohammedan coinage of Northwestern India, by R. B. Whitehead
Fatimid coins in the collections of the University Museum, Philadelphia, and the American Numismatic Society by George C. Miles
Gold coins of Khoḳand and Bukhārā by Torrey, Charles Cutler

and the list goes on and on...


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Great, thanks for the link !