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Philips II, 20ste ID Please

Started by DetectorMan68, December 06, 2015, 10:19:54 PM

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Hi all  newby on the Forum! found this coin metal detecting in the UK it is from the Netherlands and it is king Philips II 20 st apart from that i don't know much about it could anyone help me get a full ID on it please TY 3 grams


You found yourself a neat piece of history. This coin was struck in the early years of the Dutch war of independence, fought against the evil Habsburgs ;)

1/20 Philipsdaalder 1572 Utrecht. KM -, Van Gelder & Hoc 215-16, Van der Chijs 12-14.

obv: crowned simplified Habsburg arms, quartered (1. Austria 2. Burgundy 3. Valois 4. Brabant) heart shield unclear. All within the chain and order of the golden fleece, the crown and fleece breaking through a circle: PHS DG HISP Z REX DNS TRAIEC - Philippvs dei gratia Hispaniae etcetera rex dominvs traiectvm - Philip (II), by the grace of god king of Spain and so forth, lord of Utrecht.

rev: decorated cross on small square, ending in heraldic lilies. DOMINVS MIHI ADIVTOR 1572 - the lord is my helper.

Fun to hear it turned up in the UK. If it was found in the North-East (Northumberland, Yorkshire, Scotland) it was likely lost by a wool or cloth trader. If it was found in East Anglia or on the way to London, it may have been lost by a fugitive, escaping religious persecution. If it was found near an old fishing port, a local fisherman may have brought it in.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Wow thank you Peter  ;D that makes perfect sense now the coin was found in coningsby Lincolnshire and near to were I found it lots of decorated spindle drop whorls and thimbles have been found! So it could be very likely he was a cloth trader who lost the coin  Thank you again Pete for great ID