Dragon & Phoenix coin, Yung Cheng, Chekiang

Started by bgriff99, October 05, 2015, 04:00:03 AM

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This is Hartill 30.73 in 'Qing Cash', with extra engraving on the rims, dragon scales.   It has considerable wear.   It is of brass, 36.5 mm, 12.3 g.   
Most interestingly, it is original, and in my opinion official, from the Chekiang mint.   And able to be dated to 1732-33.    The emperor turned 55 in that period.   He did not live to 60.

The dent at 3 o'clock is the sprue.   Not from breaking off, but just barely filling the mold with molten metal.


A real jaw dropper! I can reconstruct the phoenix on the left of the reverse, so I suppose there is a dragon on the right. But did you see the little guy in Tiroler hat and Lederhosen at 6 o'clock? :D

This coin reminds me of the Dongfang hotel in Guangzhou, for years the only hotel where foreigners could come and attend the annual Canton fair. It gave me the feeling that the management was inspecting the walls regularly to see if they could find an undecorated spot anywhere, so it too could be hung or plastered with something red and gold. :) A fond memory of hallucinating times.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.