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Beautiful YMCA canteen token

Started by ZYV, August 25, 2015, 09:18:57 AM

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1. Who:
2. When?
3. How it was used?
4. What is it's price?

Thanks for answers!
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I am a keen collector of YMCA tokens - The Young Men's Christian Association and also YWCA - The Young Women's Christian Association.

See here for those I have. Your 2/- [two shillings] is new to me and as yet I have no idea where this was used.

Interested too to see it was made by Wright & Son of Edgware, London UK see this thread Peek Frean's Biscuit Factory for more information on this company and see also the links there leading to more fascinating information around these tokens and token-maker.

BTW is that piece brass or plastic ? ...please do give material and size when mentioning such items.
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Dear malj1, thank You for the interesting information!

I'l give material and size of my tokens.

This token was made from copper alloy.

4.73 g, 26.4 mm. 
My publications on numismatics and history of Golden Horde