Author Topic: Central Bank of Estonia to Issue 1c and 2c Coins Dated 2015  (Read 500 times)

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Eesti Pank sends new 1 and 2 cent coins into circulation

BC, Tallinn, 14.07.2015

Estonia's central bank Eesti Pank announced that it commissioned minting 14 million 1-cent and 17 million 2-cent coins, which will go into circulation from July 21 next week, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

The total value of the new coins is 482,390 euros.
The design of the coins is the same as that of the coins in circulation now, with the exception of the year number "2015".
The coins were minted by the Mint of Lithuania, which won the euro procurement.
The new coins go into circulation through the banks according to their demand. New uncirculated coins can be purchased in the museum shop of Eesti Pank and the e-shop.
In addition, Eesti Pank issues in the last quarter of the year, in cooperation with the euro area states, a new common commemorative two-euro coin, which is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the European flag. The proposed issuance volume of the commemorative coin in Estonia is 350,000 pieces.

Source: Baltic Course
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