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Started by Greyhorse, July 13, 2015, 11:02:35 PM

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Hello! Need help with the identification of this token.
Who and for what purpose might have been using it? And who might be the manufacturer?
Thank you!


I am 99,9% certain that this isn't a transport token. It is also highly likely that it has nothing significant to do with Stockholm - Sigma is the maker, not the end user; they are listed in the chapter on token producers in Stockholmspolletter (chapter 10) as having started as a button manufacturer in 1919 at Bergsgatan 29, Kungsholmen, Stockholm.

The person/entity that ordered and used the token is presumably represented by J L - this is most likely a personal name and this person could have been located more or less anywhere in Sweden and used the token in more or less any line of business. Similar series of tokens identified only by sets of initials were manufactured by Sporrong and under the auspices of Svenska Tivoliägareföreningen (the Swedish Association of Amusement Park Owners). There is an incomplete list of Sporrong välorpolletter that has been compiled by people going through Sporrongs archives and looking for orders and invoices for tokens where the initials and other designs were specified. Many of the tivoli tokens can be at least guessed at as the initials can be tallied against known tivoli managers/owners who advertised in directories. But as far as I know no-one has attempted a similar exercise for Sigma tokens, so unless someone with specific local knowledge of how a J L token was used, this will likely remain a mystery.

Below is my addition to the mystery Sigma tokens - a G (brass, 17,0 mm, 2,17 g)


The JL tokens are for an amusement machine of some type which is yet to be determined. I have several other JL's with the more usual 'for amusement only' legends. It is also commonly found is Australia.

Sigma possibly made tokens for British machines used in Sweden such as the attached Samson token.

The 'G' token also appears as the reverse of several amusement tokens along with the one shown below with a 1d reverse, this in silvered brass and measures 16mm.
[although this one is a little different I see now]
Have a look at  my tokens and my banknotes.


Here is another JL uniface brass 30.1mm for a British penny size slot.
Have a look at  my tokens and my banknotes.