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Can you identify this 16th century coin, found in the Netherlands?

Started by Pellinore, July 09, 2015, 08:12:17 AM

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This is the second of my old cousin's coins, see this thread. Found in the Netherlands, probably three together.
I can read PAR REX CAROLV D.G. ROM, so probably Charles V?
And DA MIHI VIRTUS ...OSTES, Give me virtue ... enemies ??
A silver coin of 25 mm and 2,50 gr.


Habsburg Netherlands, Stuiver 1521-56 in the name of Charles V (second issue, Carolusgulden standard). Vanhoudt I35, Van Gelder & Hoc 192. Mintmark (before DA) largely off-flan, possibly St. Michael's head (Brussels).

Obv: Open centred (with imperial arms in centre), decorated cross in four-lobe and breaking through pearl circle. Legend: KAROLV   D G ROM   IMP.Z.HIS   PA.REX - Charles by the grace of god emperor of Rome etc. king of Spain
Rev: Crowned arms between Burgundian "branch" crosses. First and fourth quarter: Castilla (castle), Leon (climbing lion), second and third quarter: Austria (silver bar on red), Valois (heraldic lilies), Burgundy (diagonal stripes), Brabant (climbing lion). Legend: DA MIHI VIRTVTEM CONTRA HOSTES TVOS - give me virtue against your enemies.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.