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Some buying help for one new in coins

Started by Learningcoins, June 04, 2015, 03:53:02 PM

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I need a little help buying a few coins. My nephew (15 years old) has birthday next week, and he asked me to gift him a Mughal silver rupee.

Now I must confess, I know nothing about mughal coins (I am into fountain pens :)). I was looking at ebay and found a few coins that I like.

I just want to know if they are authentic. Now I must make clear, I am not doubting the integrity of the seller, or trying to offend someone. I just want to make sure I do not give me nephew a  counterfeit coin

The coins I found are below.


Welcome on board Bluemoon !
Glad to know that you as a responsible uncle are encouraging your nephew to get into numismatics ! these days kids spend so much time in the virtual world with social media etc. that reality is loosing its meaning.

The first link which you have mentioned, the Aurangzeb coin looks good. If you have the time and it aint too late, i would suggest you visit one of the coin dealers in your area and find a coin in a better condition. As this would be his first coin, it would makes sense !
also may be you could ask him to research on the coin, there are so many things one can learn from a coin.



Unless someone else has other thoughts, I think both coins are OK. It would help to know the exact weight of the coins. The Surat coin is a broad flan type, which makes it more desirable. I am not fond of the Akbarabad coin's surface. It is nice on one side, but pock-marked and unsharp on the other side, which may mean that it was covered with oxide or chemical debris, which was taken off, but had eaten away some of the silver. That's OK in principle should be reflected in the price, but it looks like it isn't.

Has your nephew requested two coins of Aurangzeb? If not, it would be more interesting for him to receive coins of different emperors...

A free additional gift would be to let him know about this site. We'd be happy to help him along in his hobby.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Go to any good silversmith in your town and he should be able to help you with small margin over bullion price.


Thank you everybody. I will take my nephew to a few coin dealers I found browsing this board in Kolkata.

@figleaf, I will surely introduce him to the board. I was researching this board and find the hobby pretty interesting. I have some British coins ans some euro/$ coins (Nothing spectacular) which I plan to gift to my nephew. It is always good to have an old fashioned hobby, and this board is a great place to start.

Meanwhile I have bought the Surat Aurangazeb coin. In case I do not find something from the dealers.

Silversmiths are good idea, but as I am completely ignorant about Mughal coins, I am worried I get a jewellers copy. But I will see if my local jeweller can help me.

Thanks again everybody. A very nice board you have here and I will surely come back to gain knowledge about coins.


@bububoy Thanks for your help. I have bought the Surat Aurangazeb coin. In case I do not find something I like from the dealers.