Author Topic: Khwarezm shah Ala ud-Din Muhammad (1200-1220AD), A horserider from Herat.  (Read 586 times)

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In the index of WOC we have assembled already quite some jitals of Khwarezm shah Ala ud-Din Muhammad (1200-1220AD). But this still is by no means a representative selection of the large number of different jitals that were issued under his rule.

To add another nice example i show the coin below.
The obverse shows a horse plus rider facing left. To the right "Herat" in Arab script.
On the reverse the familiar "Al-Sultan /  al-Azam Muhammad / bin Sulta[n]"
This coin seems best classified as a Tye#221 type. Although there are small differences with the example in the Tye Jitals catalog. Firstly, there is no object between the legs of the horse in my specimen. Secondly, the text engraver did not quite manage to get the last "Sultan"word completely on the last line as is seen in the reference specimen.

Bi 14 mm 3.03 gr, Tye#221.
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