The first euros

Started by izotz, April 14, 2015, 10:14:12 AM

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ECB released a book about "The first euros" and how it happened the creation and issue of the first euro banknotes and the road to the Europa series. It was written by Antti Heinonen. It is available online in PDF format in the official website :

It includes many anecdotes and previous designs of euro banknotes which were never used.


Quite interesting indeed, not so much because of the designs (at least from my POV; those were published and shown in exhibitions before) but for the information behind and around the creation of the euro cash. Admittedly I read the book somewhat superficially only so far; downloaded it when the German version was published in late Sep/early Oct last year (see press release with download link). But once I have the time ... :)

Speaking of which, I just noticed that the English version can also be had in EPUB format. Those who use e-book readers may prefer that file.