Akbar falus, Ahmednagar mint- A new type

Started by abhinumis, April 02, 2015, 04:01:27 PM

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    A very scarce coin again!
                               On 1597, Akbar asked the kingdom of Ahmadnagar to swear fealty to him. Which they refused on this he decided to attack the kingdom of Ahmadnagar, and the Khan Khanan in Malwa as well as Sultan Murad (Son of Akbar) in Gujarat were asked to proceed towards Ahmadnagar.

The imperial troops reached Ahmadnagar and laid siege of the fort. At the time of the siege Ahmadnagar was ruled by infant king Bahadur, who was looked after by Chand Bibi. Sultan Murad, in order to hasten the fall of the fort mined the defenses. Secret informations enabled the defenders to remove the charges by counter mining and render the mines harmless. One, however, remained intact and this, when exploded, killed many of garrison and destroyed fifty yards of the curtain between the two armies, but the breach was so gallantly defended by Chand Bibi in person that the assailants were repulsed and night permitted the defenders to repair the damage.

Soon Sultan Murad sent an envoy to Chand Bibi, offering to raise the siege in return for the cession of Berar. The garrison was suffering from Famine, so Chand Bibi decided to give away Berar. Sultan Murad retreated. In 1599 Akbar's youngest son, Daniyal and Khan Khanan were appointed to the Deccan, and the emperor followed them and encamped at Barhanpur. The Prince and the Khan Khanan advanced towards Ahmadnagar. Chand Bibi fought valiantly to save Ahmadnagar but lost heart. Summoned Jita Khan, a eunuch, who had been her confidant. She told Jita Khan about her decision to surrender. Jita Khan on hearing it ran out crying that Chand Bibi has turned traitor, mob rushed in her apartments of the palace and slew her. Soon Ahmadnagar fell into the hands of Akbar after a seige of 4 months and 4 days.

Thus, Akbar captured Ahmednagar in 1599AD.

Akbar falus, Ahmednagar mint Tanka Akbarshahi type.Hastam hissa..Wt-4.3gms month Aban
All coins of Ahmednagar mint is extremely scarce in my view but this type is completely new to my knowledge.. Shows complete mint name with month Aban.. Your comment. Colour code:
. Ahmednagar , Ilahi, Aban


No one to reply ??? Amit ji, Bernard sir?? Where are the copper lovers???


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this thread was read 47 times when I wrote this, Abishek. I think it is difficult to add something to your write-up, but that should not be interpreted as a lack of interest.

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Quote from: abhinumis on April 03, 2015, 03:27:29 PM
No one to reply ??? Amit ji, Bernard sir?? Where are the copper lovers???

...struck by lightning ! .... a new type + historical background :applause:
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A new type considering the mint name below accompanying the month with hastam hissa tanka Akbarshahi..So far 2 types of these square falus were known.
1) with falus Ahmednagar on one side and allahu akbar jalle jallallahu on other side
2) with tanka Akbarshahi hastum hissa on one side and falus Ahmednagar on other side

This is an hereto unknown type not described in Liddle as well as any other museum and auction catalogues or journals. this has month 'Aban and ilahi on top and mint at the bottom type on one side with hastum hissa tanka Akbarshahi on other side..

rare half dams of 10gms and very rare dams of this mint are known.. A very scarce mint in the copper coinage of Akbar indeed!


Quote from: abhinumis on April 03, 2015, 03:27:29 PM
No one to reply ??? Amit ji, Bernard sir?? Where are the copper lovers???

Copper lovers are searching where is "Abhishekgarh mint " from where you are digging such coins continuously 8)

Cheers ;D
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