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UK: Manchester Airport spectators' token

Started by FosseWay, March 22, 2015, 12:35:19 PM

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Almost a transport token, but not quite...

This is a token for admission to the area of Manchester Airport reserved for people wanting to watch planes taking off and landing. Datable to 1975-1986 by the name Manchester International Airport (before and after those dates it was/is simply Manchester Airport).

Brass, 27,2 mm, 5,81 g


There are three varieties of this Manchester International Airport token. These were used in a turnstile.

Yours appears the most common type with the aeroplane at 3 o'clock pointing P of PIERS. # Hayes 250A.1

Another has the aeroplane at 3 o'clock pointing I of PIERS. # Hayes 250A. see image below.

Another has the aeroplane at 3 o'clock pointing between I and P of PIERS. # Hayes 250A.2 and still seeking this one!
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Never seen these before! Great stuff.

My father worked for KLM, so I could go to places in Schiphol airport where the public couldn't come. My father would know when special planes would land, usually huge, lumbering military planes, sometimes Soviet, mostly US. Planes were less lookalike, so I could distinguish the common types, Dakotas, Super Connies, Electras, Caravelles, from afar.

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