Author Topic: Brass boxes (model coins)  (Read 9475 times)

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Re: Brass boxes (model coins)
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It is sadly a superficial strike at best.

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Re: Brass boxes (model coins)
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Another, this disappeared from my scans.


The reverse of this box is a little different from that used for the Windsor Castle box.

New research has shown William Cole to be a W. COLE, Chronometer, Watch, and Clock Maker, Jeweller, &c. of 68, LIVERPOOL STREET, HOBART TOWN.

This of course is Tasmania, Australia. thus accounting for its rarity.


68, Liverpool Street, Hobart Town.

W. Cole - Hobart Town - 1865

William Cole arrived in Tasmania in c.1833, the choice of destination, however, was not his, as he was serving a sentence of transportation from England for fourteen years. He was employed by David Barclay as an assigned convict, and later went into partnership with another former convict, Charles Jones.


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