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Delhi Rajas, Chahada Deva, Tye#51 or Iltutmish ?

Started by biplab.chorizon, January 03, 2015, 01:52:21 PM

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Please Help Identifying Ruler.



In this thread my attribution of this coin was questioned, and with reason.
I read the part of the bull as part of "[Sri SaMa]SoNaLa [DeVi]" which would fit with Tye#51, Chahada deva.
As MsIslam rightly pointed out the legend does however look very much like the legend in the other thread. This was read as
part of "Mustansir Amir Li-Momina" indicating it to be a Jital of Iltutmish in name of caliph Al-Mustansir. Unfortunately there is no usable remnant of the text on the horseman side to confirm this further.


Incidentally, it was reported by H. De S. Shortt in his article " A Bull-and-horseman Hoard from India" (The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society, Sixth Series, Vol. 16, 1956, pp. 313-325,  Published by: Royal Numismatic Society ) that Chahada Deva was first an independent sovereign and issued coins independently. Then he became a tributary under Iltutmis and the traditional legend of "Samantadeva" on bull and horseman type coins was replaced by "Samasoraladeve (or Samasoraladin) on his coins.



Yes, the close link between the coinage of the Delhi Rajas, Rajas of Narwar and Sultans of Delhi is clear in the similarity of the design of their coinage. This probably also contributes to the difficulty to distinguish their coins sometimes.

Please note however that the Shortt article is outdated. In fact there were more than one Chahada Deva. The one best known from his coinage (ca 1172-91 AD, Tye#50/51) was dead already for decades when Iltutmish came to power (1211-1236 AD).
The Narwar Chahada Deva (Tye#57) post-dates Iltutmish.