Delhi Sultanate, Suris: Rupee of Islam Shah (AH952-960,1545-1552AD), "1477"-type

Started by Overlord, March 07, 2009, 06:33:37 PM

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Here is a "1477"-type Rupee (Goron/Goenka D980) in the name of Islam Shah Suri, named so because it has a mysterious number 1477 along with a symbol resembling the Star of David in the top margin of the obverse. The significance of this number is not known for sure. One theory is that "1477" refers to the accession year of the Cooch Bihar king Nara Narayana (Sake 1477 or 1555 AD). (For a coin of Nara Narayana dated Saka 1477, see this thread.) The coinage of Cooch Behar by Nicholas Rhodes and S.K.Bose has the following note on these coins:

"It is interesting to note that certain rupees of Islam Shah, with no mint name, but clearly struck in Bengal, perhaps at Tanda, have a 'pseudo date', 1477, in Arabic numerals above the reverse. These pieces are dated 952-60 AH (1545-1552 AD), whereas 1477 saka = 1555 AD, or three years after the end of Islam Shah's reign. These pieces may either be posthumous issues with pseudo AH date, struck by Nara Narayan, with his accession year indicate, or it is possible that '1477' has some meaning other then AH date."

Obverse Inside square: Islam Shah Ibn Sher Shah Sultan Khallad Allah Mulkahu (Islam Shah, Son of Sher Shah Sultan, May God Perpetuate His Kingdom). In Nagari (blundered): "Sri Islam Shah(i)". Margins: "1477" and "Star of David" (Top), Jalal Al Dunya (Glory of (the) World) (Left), Wa Deen Abu Al Muzaffar (and Faith, Father of the Conqueror, i.e., the supreme conqueror) (Bottom), Al Sultan Ibn Al Sultan (The Sultan, Son of the Sultan) (Right),

Reverse Inside square: Kalima La Ilaha Illalah Muhammad Rasool Allah, [There is]No God Except Allah, Muhammad [is the] Prophet [of] Allah. Note the use of Shadda (Tashdids) over the word "Allah" on this coin. Margins: Names of the four Caliphs---Osman Al-Affan (Top), Omar Al-Farooq (Left), Abu Bakris Siddiq (Bottom), Ali Al-Murtaza (Right).


The Suris were not shy on including information on their coins!  Nice work Overlord.


Quote from: Rangnath on March 08, 2009, 09:24:54 PM
The Suris were not shy on including information on their coins!  richie
May be Islam Shah even rented out advertising space on this coin. "Call 1477. We'll make you a star!"  :D


The cooch bihar theory seems sketchy to me.  Surely something else significant happened in 1477 that was of interest to the Suris.
Overlord, if you hadn't rendered the coin, I don't think I would have recognized the six pointed star as that.
Hmm, renting space on government issued coins?
For the American quarter:
              Much More than a Failure!

For the nickel, paid by Toyota:
              GM: 1908 to 2009

I think this has possibilities.


I was handed this coin by a member at the local coin club. He's had it for 30+ yrs and never had it attributed until this post.
Thank you Overlord for taking the time to explain the legend in such detail!

Is this coin anywhere in KM or NGC? Trying to get a ballpark value....