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Index of coins with an overlay, clarifying its text

Started by Saikat, October 26, 2014, 05:30:15 PM

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Here I am going to list of the great overlays that this forum has created. The list will be updated as and when I find something.

Amirs of Sindh
Amirs of Sindh: Qandhari dirhams, 870-1030 AD

Ghaznavids in India
Ghaznavids in India, Mu'izz al-Daula Khusru Shah, billon jital.
GHAZNI Sultanate - A billon coin of Baha ud daula Malik Arsalan
Bull & Horseman Jitals of Nandana mint; An overview.
GHAZNI SULTAN - Muiz ud daula Khusru
GHAZNI SULTAN-Taj ud daula Khusru Malik
GHAZNI SULTAN-Jamal ud daula Farukhzad
Sind, three bull & horseman jitals of Jalal Mangubarni
Ghaznavids: 'Izz al daula abd al rashid...Jital G/G GZ 20 
Ghaznavids..Nasir al Daula Ibrahim .Billon Jital Lahore GZ 31
Sindh  Sultanate, India
Bull & Horseman type Jital-Jalal al-Din Mangubarni(in Sind)AH617-621 Ref:G/G SS7 
Delhi Sultanate, India

Mohammed Bin Sam billon Jital
Iltutmish coin D47 issued in the name of Caliph Mustansir
Dehli Sultanat, Turks, Rukn-al-din Firoz,April-Nov 1236, Billon, D95 Illustrated
Dehli Sultanat, Turks, Rukn-al-din Firoz, April-Nov 1236, Billon, D96
Delhi Sultanate: Jalal al-Din Radiyya (Raziyya) (AH634–37 AH,1236–40AD), Jital, Ref. R 873, Goron D105, Tye 393.2, Deyell#329
Delhi Sultanate: Jital of Jalal al-Din Radiyya (Raziyya) (AH634–637), Goron/Goenka D106, Deyell#331, Valentine#160 
Delhi Sultanat, Mamluk, Muizz Al-Din Bahram Shah, CE 1240-42, Billon
Delhi Sultanate, Ghiyath al-Din Balban (AH 664–686; 1266–1287 AD), Paika, D167
DELHI SULTAN-Ala ud din Masud-Horseman&legend coin
DELHI SULTAN - Nasir ud din Mahmud billon
Sultans of Dehli, Muiz ud din Kaiqubad, AE Paika
Sultans of Dehli, Mu'izz-ud-Din Kaiqubad, AR Tanka

Delhi Sultanate, Khiljis: Jalal al-Din Firoz ( 689-695 AH, 1290–1296AD), Jital,R966, Goron D200, Tye 414.1
Delhi Sultanate, Khiljis: Rukn al-din Ibrahim (695 AH, 1296 AD), Jital (Ref. R980, Goron D212, Tye 416.1)
Delhi Sultanate, Khiljis: 'Ala' al-Din Muhammad (695–715AH,1296-1316AD), 6 Gani (Ref. R991, Goron D232, Tye 418.1)
Delhi Sultanate, Khiljis: 'Ala' al-Din Muhammad (695–715AH,1296-1316AD), Billon 2 Gani (R990, Goron D233, Tye 419)
Sultans of Dehli, Shihab al Din Umar, billon six gani,D242
Delhi Sultanate, Khiljis: Qutb al-Din Mubarak (716-720 AH,1316-1320AD), 8 Gani
Delhi Sultanate, Khiljis: Billon Gani of Nasir Al-Din Khusru (Apr 15-Sep 5,1320) (Ref. R1055, D295, Rare)
Delhi Sultanate, Khiljis: Nasir Al-Din Khusru (Apr 15-Sep 5,1320), 2 Gani, R1057, Goron D296, T434
Sultans of Dehli, D0296, Nasir Al-Din Khusru, Billon 2 Gani, AH 720
Ala ud din Sikandar shah - Delhi

Muhammad bin Tughluq, AE forced Tanka, Iqlim Lakhnauti mint 
Sultans of Dehli, Muhammad binTughluq,Forced Tanka, mint Darra Dhar,G/G D405
Muhammad bin Tughlaq, Copper paika, D394
Sultans of Dehli, Firoz Shah Tugluq, Tanka, AH 775, Legends fully Explained,GG-D475
Sultans of Dehli, D0476, Firoz Shah Tughluq, Billon Tanka, Hadrat Dehli, AH752-790.
Falus of 40 rati standard of Firuz Shah Tughluq, Sultan of Delhi (752-90 AH) / Delhi mint,Goron D491
Tughlaq's, Fath Khan, AV Tanka G&G#506 (R)
Abu Bakar Shah, BI 5/6 Tanka, D565, S
Firuz Shah Zafar, BI 5/6 Tanka, D547, S
Firuz Shah Zafar, BI 1/2 Tanka, D552, S
Mu'izz al-Din Mubarak Shah II (AH824-837/1421-1434, two falus coins ,one dated AH 832
Sultans of Dehli, D0624, Mahmud bin Muhammad, AR Tanka, AH 814
Sultans of Dehli, D0605, Sikander Shah, Billon Tanka of 80 Rati, AH (7)95
Sultans of Dehli, Sayyids, D0687, Aalam Shah, AE Falus, Dehli, AH 855
Sultans of Dehli, Lodhi's, Sikander Lodi, Quater Tanka, D709,

Rupee of Sher Shah Suri (AD 1486-1545), Gwalior Mint, 951 AH
Sultans of Dehli, Sher Shah Suri, Rupee, Shergarh, AH 949
Sher Shah Suri (AH 945-952/AD1538-1545), Paisa, Agra mint, G/G D841; R1571
Sher Shah Suri, AE Dam, Narnol.
Sher Shah Suri (AD1538-1545), Paisa, Mintless type, 950/1 AH? G/G D929; R1606
S.of Dehli, Sher Shah, half paisa mintless type,D930
Dehli Sultanat, Islam Shah Suri. 1/8 Paisa, D1085
Delhi sultanate Sher Shah 1/16 paisa unpublished
Delhi Sultanate, Suris: Rupee of Islam Shah (AH952-960,1545-1552AD), "1477"-type
Delhi Sultanate, Paisa in name of Islam Shah Suri. Date off.  D1063
Delhi Sultanate, Islam Shah Suri, Mint less, Paisa, D1055
Delhi Sultanate, Islam Shah Suri, Paisa, Chunar, D995
Sultans of Dehli, Muhammad Adil Shah, AE 1/2 Paisa

Bengal Sultanate, India
Kaikaus Tanka
Bengal Sultanate: Ghiyath al-Din Azam Shah Silver Tanka cryptic mint epithet*

Jaunpur Sultanate, India
Jaunpur Sultanate: Nasir al-Din Mahmud Shah (AH 844–861;1440-1457 AD), Tanka
Jaunpur Sultanate - A coin of Hussain Shah
JAUNPUR SULTANATE - a coin of Muhammad shah 

Bijapur Sultanate, India
Sultans of Bijapur, Ibrahim Adil Shah II, BJ16

Malwa Sultanate, India
Malwa sultans, M219, in the name of Mahmud bin Lathif of Gujarat, AE ½Fauls
Sultans of Malwa, Falus struck in the name of Mahmud III of Gujarat, AH 946
Malwa Sultanate - Muhammad shah-1
Malwa Sultanate - Muhammad shah-2- three coppers 
MALWA SULTANS- Muhammad shah-I
Malwa sultan, M45, Mahmud shah-I, AE Quarter falus
Malwa sultan, M47, Ala al-Din Mahmud Shah I Khalji, Falus, Bahazrat Shadiabad
Malwa Sultans, M96A, Giyath shah AE 1/3Falus, 875.AH
Malwa sultans, M229B issued by Mahmud shah-III of Gujarat, AE falus
Malwa sultanate, M261 Pre-Mughal, AE falus, Ujjain
Malwa sultan, M224, Malwa issue of Mahmud bin Lathif
Coin of Malwa?orGujarat?in the name of Bahdur shah of Gujarat, legend as in M205
Sultans of Malwa, Muhammad bin Muzaffar, tanka, Mandu M 230

Madura Sultanate, India
Madura Sultanate: Ghiyas Al-Din Muhammad Damghan Shah (AH740/1-745), Jital, MD15
Madura Sultanate: Nasir Al-Din Mahmud Damghan Shah (AH745-748), Jital, MD18
Madurai Sultanate - Coin of Nasir ud din Mahmud Damghan
Madura Sultanate - Ala Al-Din Sikandar Shah Paisa (G&G-MD42)
Sultans of Madurai
A coin of Fakhr ud din Mubarak shah of Madurai 
Sultans of Madura, Udauji Shah, AE Paika

Gujarat Sultanate, India
Gujarat sultan, G432, Mahmud shah-III, BI Half Tanka 
Gujarat sultans, G unlisted, Ahmadshah-III AE falus of 80 rati, 965 AH
Gujarat sultans, G46, Muhammad shah-II AE half falus 
Gujarat sultans, G43 Muhammad shah-II AE Half Falus
Gujarat sultans, G43 Muhammad shah-II AE Half Falus
Gujarat Sultans, G500,Mahmud shah-III AE Double Falus
Gujarat sultans, G70, Ahmadshah-II AE One eighth falus
Gujarat Sultanate, Nasir al din Mahmud I, AE Falus, AH 864 G/G G 181 
Sultans of Gujarat, Muzaffir shah-II, AE Double Falus, AH 931
Sultans of Gujarat, Muzaffir shah-I, AE 1/2 Falus
falus of Muzaffar Shah II of Gujarat
Gujarat Sultanate: Qutb al-Din Bahadur Shah (AH932–43; 1526–37AD), Billon Tanka 

Ahmadnagar Sultanate
Ahmadnagar Burhan III two third falus Daulatabad

Bahmani Sultanate, India
Muhammad bin Humayun of Bahmani
Bahmani Sultans, BH105 Nizam ud din Ahmad shah-III, AE Two third Gani
Bahmani Sultans, BH107 Nizam ud din Ahmad shah-III, AE One third Gani, BH107, retrograde date
BAHMANI SULATANS-Shams al-Din Muhammad Shah III - Tanka 
Bahmani Sultanate, Ala al-din Ahmad Shah II, 2/3 Gani, Muhammadabad mint 
Bahmani Sultanate: Ali al-din Mujahid Shah, Copper Falus, GG BH49 
BAHMANI SULTANS-Ala ud din Bahman shah 
Bahmanis of the Deccan, Tahmatan Shah, AE Falus
Bahmanis of the Deccan, Da'ud Shah II, AE Falus
Bahmanis of Deccan, Mahmud Shah, 3/4 th gani, BH 127 variant
Khandesh Sultanate, India
Khandesh Sultanate, KH1 Nasir Shah, AE Falus, AH.813 
Khandesh Sultanate, KH2 Nasir Shah, AE ½ Falus