Author Topic: Malta 10 + 0.59 (2014): 50 Years of Independence Silver Coin and Stamp Set  (Read 767 times)

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Here's my latest acquisition from Malta and quite welcome one. :) Malta Post issued a set of silver proof collector 10 coin and a 0.59 silver proof stamp on the occasion of 50th Anniversary of Independence. The mintage of sets is limited to 1000 only, and I believe that the silver collector 10 coin (with same design) has also been issued separately but in colored version.

The coin is 38.61 mm in diameter, 28.28 g in weight (925/1000 Silver).

The stamp is 26 x 34 mm in size, 20 g in weight (999/1000 Silver).

The set has been struck at Royal Dutch Mint. The issue price was 115 if I'm not wrong. (No, I didn't pay that much ;))

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