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Need assistance to Identify this coin

Started by Mulliner, August 08, 2014, 02:43:36 AM

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I recently purchased these coins that were attributed as Indian coins. Please let me know if you have any info on them.


The one to the left is a local issue attributed to Umarda from Mewar. It appears that the local Coppersmiths minted these.

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And the one to the right is a keping from Sumatra / the denomination is "sat keping" dated 1247 AH.
it's a local coinage for trade, according to KM
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On the right is indeed a trade token, struck in Britain, commissioned by Singapore merchants, circulated over a wide area in spite of local names on them. The date is not the date of issue. They are often attributed to Singapore (e.g. by Saran Singh).

Since the two coins belong on different boards, it would have been better to open a separate thread for each.

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Thanks to Amit, Saro and Peter for your assistance! I had my doubts however since they were nominally priced took the chance. On a different note I am in awe of the knowledge each of you possess on coinage within and even outside the forums you moderate!   :)