Delhi Sultanate, Ghiyas al-Din Tughluq (1320-1325AD), 2 Gani: G/G D312; R1074

Started by Overlord, January 31, 2009, 05:06:53 PM

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Obverse Al-Sultan Al-Ghazi Ghiyas Al-Dunya Wa Al-Deen (The sultan, the one who fights against infidels, aid of [the] world and of faith)

Reverse In centre: Tughlak Shah (in Arabic). In margin "Sri Sultan Gayasuddin" (in Nagari)

(Ref. R1080, Goron D312, Tye 438)



The correct reference is Goron/Goenka D312; R1074. Denomination: billon 2 gani, date not readable.