'Deep hair' 2 1/2 guilder coin

Started by thelawnet, January 30, 2009, 06:19:50 PM

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Samuel Tan

I didn't see this thread before.

Since more than thirty years I thought I am not the lucky one who own deep hair line. I my old Zonnebloem catalog only 1932 and 1938 deep hair line has higher value. I have many of them, but not deep hair line. 1933 comes in deep hair line only, regular value, I have at least two of them. Lucky, I never sold them. A coin dealer point it out to me that in KM 2010, they listed as high as 1932 and 1938. I check my KM2010, I couldn't believe my eyes, it is true they printed as high value. I still do not believe it, KM is notorious with mistakes, I thought it must be misprinted, it will be corrected next year. Until I saw this thread. I wouldn't shout hurray yet, until the dust settled.

Samuel Tan


I too have a 1933 piece - I thought the high prices were too good to be true....

Thanks Mr Paul Baker


Samuel Tan

I am back.
I am putting some of my Old Dutch coins collection auction, including the 1933 deep hair line.
Catalog says $300.-, will see what it brings.