Unknown Kasu?

Started by Rangnath, January 27, 2009, 01:31:04 AM

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This tiny coin is .9 grams and about 10 X 8 mm.  I think that I posted it on this site before but an attribution has not been made.  I wonder if a similar coin appears in Overlord's text by Ganesh? Is it in fact from South India?  Is it a rider on a horse or Garuda or two deities on a horse or Garuda?
I'm posting several positions for the reverse.  Maybe one will make sense to someone else. It doesn't to me.


Hi Richie

I had tried but couldn't find anything that resembles the reverse of your coin.


Thanks for looking.
In my somewhat trusty 1701 to 1800 Standard Catalog, under Madurai, KM 10's obverse looks a lot like mine.  But I agree, it is difficult to read it as a Kanarese legend on the reverse. 
I suppose this could be a coin that predates or is contemporary with the Vijayanagara empire. 

BC Numismatics

  Uploading photos of those coins to Zeno may get someone there to identify where in India your coins are from.