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Ottoman: 6 Ghirsh, AH 1255, Constantinople

Started by Lori, March 25, 2014, 06:19:57 PM

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Hello everybody !

I need your help to identify this coin:

6,46 gr, 26 mm diam. Look's to be silver, but I'am not shure of that.

Many thanks and best regards !


This one is Ottoman: 1 Ghirsh, AH 1255, Qustantiniya (Constantinople).


There was no 1 Ghirsh or Kurush of this weight.
This looks like a cut out from the 6 Kurush  AH1255//1 mint in Constantinople (KM #656).
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Interesting ! Almost half of this coin was cut out. I have seen that a coin in good conditions is 12,17 grams. Any ideea about it, was this coin circulated regulary ?