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Participating in design contests

Started by chrisild, December 28, 2008, 12:28:47 PM

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As I understand it, competition entrants are meant to use one code numbered template per entry, so to submit several entries you will have to generate several code numbered template downloads. That's why when you enter your name and email address a second or subsequent time the system simply generates another code rather than telling you that that name and email address are already registered previously.


I think the mint have not worded it correctly. Last time it was one code per person

"Download your template – it will have the unique reference code generated by your registration. This is your personal code and will be used to track your entry anonymously. Only one entry can be submitted per template.

If you wish to enter more designs, simply download more copies of the template with your unique reference code."

This is what they say. The first part implies one number per picture. It says one entry per template. Does this mean not putting 5 designs on one piece of paper?

The second part says download more copies of the template with "your unique reference number" which, for me, implies one number per person. That's how I'm doing it. It doesn't make sense to have everyone downloading a different number each time, and inputting their e-mail address each time.

Basically it's bad wording.

However "the" being the definite article assumes there is ONE template here, and that is the one with your number on. And the expression "personal code" implies one code per person.

They also say:

"Entrants can send in more than one design, but use a separate template with your unique reference code clearly visible on each template."

This again implies one code per person, different piece of paper per design.


You're right, the wording is ambivalent. Might be best to check with the Mint rather than risk disqualification ...


Well I'm assuming the mint use the code to make sure they don't know who you are, so there's no cheating going on. If you have the same number they still don't know who you are, so I think I'm on solid ground. And as they did this last time and it wasn't a problem.