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Rupee of Vaphgaon Mint? Ry.12

Started by Rangnath, December 22, 2008, 10:43:46 PM

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This coin was identified as being from Vaphgaon.  That is in present day Maharashtra? I tried to locate it as a coin of the Maratha Confederacy, but could not.  I assume that Ry. 12 refers to Shah Alam II.   
Is the coin properly attributed? 


Quote from: Rangnath on December 22, 2008, 10:43:46 PM
 Is the coin properly attributed? 
According to Maheshwari/Wiggins (Martha Mints and Coinage, page 98):
Vaphgoan (18°49'N. 74°00'E.) is a large village, the name of which has been corrupted in the past to Wabgoan, Waubgaom or Wabgaum is located about 20 kilometers north of Pune and 5 kkilometers east of Khed, in the Junnar district. It was a site of a mint set up by Tukoji Rao Holkar about December 1774*, in order that coins could be struck for the use of his army.
* 1774 may be wrong and must be 1794
For a recent article about this coinage and similar rupees, attributed to Jamgaon, see the Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society, #197, Autumn 2008, Shailendra Bhandare: Jamgaon, Harda and Khachrod - three new mints under the Sindhias of Gwalior (p.32-37)


I should probably read "A Study of Holkar State Coinage" by Sethi, Bhatt and Holkar. And thank you for mentioning the Oriental Numismatic Society article. I will see if I can access that.
After reading the introduction to Indore in the standard catalog,  I now see the relationship, certainly obvious to Oesho and Shariq (to name two), between Indore and the Marathas. 
In the standard catalog, Km 3.1 of Indore appears to be nearly identical with the Rupee of Vaphgaon above.  That coin was said to have been minted at Chandor.  Is it the date, Ry 12, which makes two coins different?  Or is the designation of Chandor in error? Or is there another option?


Dear Richie,
The Maratha coinage is complicated and the best book so far is Maratha Mints and Coinage by K.K. Maheshwari & K.W. Wiggins (Nashik 1989). It provides much more information than any other work, but as with any other new publication, new discoveries, readings and attributions are made and published.
A very popular type of coin struck by the Marathas was the "Chandori" rupee. It was first struck at Chandor with the mint name J'afarabad urf Chandor (Ref.: Indore KM#3.1). This type was extensively imitated. The Vaphgaon rupee is such a imitation of the original Chandori rupee struck by the Holkar's at Chandor. Long ago I wrote an article on the Chandori rupee and its imitations, which is published in Numismatic Digest, vol. V, part II (December 1981), p.57-65.
In respect of the Journal of the ONS you may contact the Regional Secretary for America, Mr. C. Karukstis, e-mail:
The annual subscription for the US is at present $ 30.= for which 4 issues, often with supplement, of the Journal is received.