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Virtual keyboards
« on: January 31, 2014, 09:10:56 PM »
Ever wanted to type word in Ethiopian or Greek or Gaelic or Urdu or...

Try this site. Select the language and you are presented with a keyboard you can work on with your mouse. When you are done, click copy (the usual copy command doesn't work) and paste in a WoC post or Google translate or anywhere else.

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Re: Virtual keyboards
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2014, 09:23:33 PM »
cor! steen de kraaien!
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Re: Virtual keyboards
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2014, 10:15:04 PM »
If you want to go the other way for Russian and other Cyrillic-using languages - i.e. use your usual keyboard to output Cyrillic -- is useful. (It has also dealt with the problem of not being able to use Ctrl/Apple+C to copy - it used to have the same restriction.)