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Beware of the US coin police, a.k.a. PayPal Compliance Department !
« Reply #15 on: June 17, 2017, 03:41:14 PM »
Trump partially rolls back Obama's Cuba thaw

16 June 2017

US President Donald Trump says he is rolling back the Obama administration's "completely one-sided deal with Cuba".

Speaking in Miami, Florida, he said his new policy would tighten rules affecting travel and on sending funds to the Caribbean island nation.

But he is not reversing key diplomatic and commercial ties, and will not close the US embassy in Havana.

Commercial flights from the US will continue, as will allowing Americans to return home with Cuban goods.

Mr Trump said the Obama administration's March 2016 deal with the "brutal" Castro government was "terrible" and "misguided".

On Friday, Mr Trump signed a presidential directive calling for tighter enforcement of a longstanding ban on American tourists going to Cuba.

The new policy bans most US business transactions with the Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group, a Cuban entity involved in all sectors of the economy.

However, it exempts air and sea travel, allowing US airlines and cruise lines to continue serving the island.

This is a rollback, not a reversal, of Obama's Cuba policy. In the main, it is a gift to the old guard Cuban Americans in Miami who opposed the detente and voted for Trump. So it bans financial transactions with the commercial arm of Cuba's military. But it also takes into account pressure from US businesses that don't want to turn the clock back.

So it does not "disrupt" existing joint ventures and carves out other exceptions. Probably the most visible effect will be a slowdown of American visitors, who took advantage of looser travel rules that Trump says he'll now strictly enforce.

The president framed his policy in the human rights concerns of his Miami constituency, which is passionate about the regime's repression of political freedoms. But critics questioned why he singled out Cuba for such treatment when he's made a point of not lecturing other nations for bad behaviour.

They also point out that Havana doesn't respond well to such treatment: - it's made very clear it will not be pressured into making political reforms.

And it won't have taken kindly to Trump's blistering take down of the "cruel and brutal" communist regime. Whatever the practical economic consequences of this new/old policy, it seems likely to reinstate the adversarial relationship Obama sought to transform.


Source: BBC
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