Author Topic: Sogdiana, Semirechie: Proto-Qarakhanid (10th c.) AE Cash (Kamyshev-49)  (Read 784 times)

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Sogdiana, Semirechie:  Proto-Qarakhanid (10th c.) AE Cash (Kamyshev-49)

A beautiful and extremely rare coin illustrating the diverse cultures in the region.  The coin is based on the standard Chinese cash coins in the region, but with Kufic characters instead. See for more information...

Obv: Legend in Kufic Arabic - Mulk-Aram-Yinal-Chig
Rev: Blank

A high-resolution image of this coin is available at FORVM Ancient Coins

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Re: Sogdiana, Semirechie: Proto-Qarakhanid (10th c.) AE Cash (Kamyshev-49)
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Yet another great fun piece. This one is closest to what is now Kazakstan. It seems to play both sides: Arabic and Chinese.

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All the coins of this type that I saw on pictures (maybe eight) have the same inscriptions, including the one I thought best to acquire - as a lover of Qarakhanid bronzes.
Or are there any known variants? What's the title of the Kamyshev description, where can one find this publication?
My coin is 24.5 mm in diameter and weighs 4.03 gr.