US Mint Coin Commemorative Coin Surcharges

Started by kena, January 09, 2014, 04:09:22 PM

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The news is reporting that the Girl Scouts will not be receiving any funds from the sales of the 2013 commemorative coin.  The reason for this is that not enough coins were purchased to cover the costs.

Congress passes the law which details the maximum number of coins to be made.

According to the law: The design for the coins minted under the law for the Girl Scouts coin is (1) selected by the Secretary, after consultation with the  Girl Scouts of the United States of America and the Commission of Fine Arts; and  (2) reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

So as far as I can cell the mint is responsbile for getting the dies made, minting the coins, put the coins into packaging, some marketing the coins, and shipping out the coins.

Included in the price of the coin is a $10 surchage.

The Girls Scouts should also have been resonsible for marketing the coins as well.

So I don't understand why some folks are blaming the mint for the low sales numbers of the coins.

I buy coins because I like the design, not for the cause the coin is supporting or in hopes that the coin will not sell well and will go up in value because of the low numbers sold.




I suppose if there are low sales the coin will rise in price for a while. I was collecting the commemoratives in Unc and Proof and stopped that untill I finished the half dollar thing led to another and I still lack 3 or 4. Can't collect everything, but I like the modern commemoratives and have a lot of them but not all by any means.