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Index of Topics
« on: December 31, 2013, 11:27:15 AM »
This is a sticky post that gives Index of Topics.

Any changes into the categories or organizing this differently, please use this post to make comments.
This Index would be locked and made a sticky topic.

26-Dec-2016: There was a successful topic "Personalities & Events on Indian coins" that was kept upto date by previous member. This was well done and gave a good glimpse of the event for which coins were released. The member is no longer on WOC and I don't have a volunteer to keep it up to date. Hence I am removing this from sticky topic.

Last Update:
Index last updated upto 13:00 hrs 5-August-2018
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A guide on Republic India Coins & Currencies

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Main Topics
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2013, 11:31:55 AM »
The Index is Organized into following Topics;

Discussions: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 
The topics here are discussing various aspects of coins or are requesting info or showing off ones collection

New Issues [Definitives & Commemoratives]
Any issue that is being released and was discussed the first time will go here.

Die Varieties
All discussions and information about Die Varities would go here.

All discussions on error coins will go here.

Any Coin releted news that appears in newspapers would go here.

Any thing that dosen't fit into the above topics would come here.
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A guide on Republic India Coins & Currencies

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Discussion - Part 1
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2013, 11:37:37 AM »
Discussions - Part 1

Discussion: New - which became Old in less than two years
Discussion: Dominion vs Republic of India
Discussion: India - 5 rupees new issue
Discussion: Modern Indian mints
Discussion: Ashokan Symbol as National Emblem
Discussion: India - new variety or new issue?
Discussion: Coin Collecting in India
Discussion: Preferring non-circulating "coins"
Discussion: Cupro-nickel and Aluminium coins to be withdrawn
Discussion: A Coin Collector Approaches of CIC under RTI Act
5 rupees in cupro-nickel and steel
Indian 'Cross' coins.
ONGC Proof Set
My Favorite Modern Indian Coin Design
Another 'Pattern Coin' ?10 Rupees 2004
Unusual Finds
SAIL Coins
50 Years of Republic Coins
Cross' 50 Paise Coin?
Lal Bahadur Shastri
Pattern Rupee-1960
Complete list of recent definitive coins
Was there any 1992 - 10 Rupees (KM# 202)?
Mumbai Mint
Comments on List of Indian Commemorative Coins
India-Regular Issues
2 Rupees(2004)-National Integration
Single Commemorative Coins of Proof Quality
NCLTs from Mumbai Mint
Improvement in Functioning of Mints
the road to Alipore
Buying Indian Coins
New Website of Mumbai Mint
Query Regarding Launch of New Commerative Coins.
2009 10 Rupees Coins
1990 Ambedkar
1 Rupee(2004)-Unity in Diversity
Coins Found in Circulation
5 rupee regular cupro-nickel coins
India- Regular issues / circulation coins in 2009
Some unlisted strikes
50Paise Km69
What should we call this coin:   RARE or SCARCE
new coins from India
India, 28 commemoratives
Rs 10 Bi-Metal Question
Modern Indian history
2010, seen any circulating issues?
Republic of India - Uncirculated Coins Set - 1970 - India Govt. Mint - Bombay
can anyone help me with the current value of these coins?
New years first commemorative coin
Subjects for New Coins
Coins Found in Circulation
1996 Netaji coin
Jagath Guru OMS (Off Metal Strike) Coin
rare coins of India
Homi Bhabha Coins Withdrawn?
Mint-Mark on Indian Bimetallic Issues
How many Indian People?
First coin of Republic India
Are Indian UNC/Proof Sets Legal Tenders
60 years of commonwealth sets dispatched
Connectivity & Information Technology  Rs.10 Bimetallic 2010
new website noida mint
new website hyderabad mint
new website for mumbai mint
new website kolkatta mint
10 Rupees (2010) Without Any Mint Mark?
VIP and VVIP Sets
Collecting Indian Coins to Become More Expensive
Coins I love to see in India
rare coins available in quantity???
some commemrative coins mintwise less seen
Dr. Rajendraprasad commemorative in circulation
shocking news or rumour?
Indian coins melting - law amended.
Indian Rupee 1985 Coin - Fake/Non-Fake, Collectable?
Commems from India in 2011
India : Silver Coins for Face Value?
This weeks find: one error coin and 60 yrs of commonwealth
Increase of 40% by Kolkata Mint for booking of Coins
India 1997 Inter-Parliamentary Conference Coin Set
Indian Mints
How to Get New Indian Issues Directly from RBI?
ILO Proof Set (1994)
1 Rs Nehru golden coin
India to Issue Colored Coins?
Mahatma Gandhi coins & Notes with  History
Website for Indian Coins and Currencies
Coin theft, please help
RTI: Land Vital Resources
how to know proof set is restrike or original released ?
Just for knowledge
2 rupee Commonwealth coin
braille one coin proofs shipped
25 paise (steel) coins available in bulk.
2004 coins of Rs.1 , 2 & 5 - Scarce by Dealers or for collectors.
India - new issue
Tracking Booking Orders
1954 25 paise coin
10 Rupees-Unity in Diversity; Kolkata Mint (Proof)
Belongs to Varanasi, Jaunpur or Azamgarh
No Mintage Numbers
Trial Bimetallic Pattern (2004): Kolkata Mint
Collecting Indian Proof Sets
From when did Rs5 Coin started in circulation?
Rebooked/Restruck UNC & Proof Sets by Kolkata Mint
How Come two Proof Coins have different PF number
India: Coinage Law 2009 Introduced in Parliament
1949 Dominion of India pattern coin -  2 Anna
What Should We Commemorate on Coins?
Another Suspect: 1981 Piefort
Platinum Jubilee of RBI
Can any one tell the exact mintage 5 Rupees minted both in Cu-Nickel and Steel.
Subrmanyam Birth Coin from Mumbai Mint without a mint mark ?..
The New Rupee Symbol to Appear on Indian Banknotes and Coins Soon
Norms for Buying Indian Coins from Foriegn Countries
Commonwealth Games Rs 2 Coins: Question
Rs10 Commemorative circulating coins
50-paise hand signal?
Gandhi 10 Rupees 1869-1948
Restruck Coins from Kolkata Mint
Thoughts: 2010, A Landmark Year
Non availability of 2 rupees FSS Air Force Platinum Jubilee 2007
Were these ever minted???
New 50 Paise Coins
2011 Mudra 1 Rupees coin
New coins to be issued in 2011--need confirmation
5-10 paise Cu-Ni lot
LOK NAYAK JAYPRAKASH NARAYAN CENTENARY 2002 C  Culcutta Mint... Scarce or Rare ?
1 Rupee India 1954
1972 10rs coin
5 rupee cross coin 2007
Anna Series.
LAND VITAL RESOURCE. 1992 for sale in ebay !............
Can any one help me identify the below coin fake or original
10 paise coin of 1971
Is 2007 1 Rupee Mudra regular coin Hyderabad Mint is rare ?....
25 Paisa coin - year 1971 Cu Ni
Mint mark of pice 1953
Possible commemorative themes in the year ahead ?
Another set of 1997 Inter Parliamentary Conference sold on E bay
10 paise and 5 paise commemorative (UNC) coins
Republic India 1 Rs coins
Help to judge the proof set
A guide on Republic India Coins & Currencies

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Discussions - Part 2
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2013, 11:38:22 AM »
Discussions - Part 2

10 Rs with New symbol
Workshop on Commemorative Coins: Kolkata Mint
Kolkata Mint's Coin Shop
100 Years of New Delhi
Subjects for New Coins
5 Rupees 2005 Cu-Ni - 2005 KM#154.1
subramaniam online booking cancelled? part 2
Indian coins on foreign mints
Theory : 1971 20 Paise
Newbie questions on circulation & collector coins
1964 Nehru 50p and Rupee coins - need mintage numbers
New Variety of Tagore Coin?
150 years of Income tax - Sets received
International Youth Year 1985
1954 annas..
1986 India Proof set Fisheries
1949 Coins of India
My First Completed Coin Album !
KM# problem with Rs2 Mudra coin
UNC coins Bhagat Sigh, SBI and First War of Independence
KM issues
India 1964 proof set question
Jawaharlal Nehru 1964 set
India Republic 1 rupee KM322 - cross coin
Presedential Proof Sets
Authenticity of Indian Pattern Coins
Proof or Not : 1950/1962 Indian Rupee
1993 1 Rupee Dot in Diamond mint Mark
1981 - World Food Day - Double Head Coin
Coin Shop of Hyderabad Mint
1950 Anna Set
5 Paisa of 1969
H.M.T Story
My New Additions - 5 Rupee Commemorative Coins
Octroi for UNC/Proof sets
1991 10 & 5 rs
Mumbai Mint Tender!
Which Mints have issued recent Rs5 commems?
75 Years of Dandi March (Copper Nickel)
Circulation Coins dated 2012? Anyone have them?
Tilak 2007 Cu-Ni.
Can anyone share info on this coin - 1959 50p?
Poll on adding New Sticky Topic : Web-Links for Republic India Numismatics
Rs5 Indira 1985 - What IS The Value OF My Coin
Comments on Comprehensive list of Variation coins
Rarity index for indian coins
Rarest coin of Independent India
2 rupees commemorative land vital resource
1950 and 1954 proof set holders
Poll - Rarity Index of Indian Coins
1974 Proof Coin
genral issue/comm.coins or not (5rs)
Got In The Circulation
Rare coins (Are you sure?) out in the market
A Competition & Prize for You: Identification
Contact with Mumbai mint
WoC and the Indian coin market
Need some help from a Indian person / Mumbai mint problem
1976 10 Rupee India
Single Coin Sets Temple and other Issues
25th & 50th Independence Anniversary Coins
Bhagat Singh H mint 5 Rupee....
50 paise 2012 - Has it been issued yet
Proof Rupee 1969 to 1975
1954 One rupee KM7.2
Comments on "Personalities & Events on Indian coins"
1972 Proof 10 Rupee -- $281
1973 - Grow more food Proof set
Coin Motifs and a question of taste
1963 1 naya paisa
10 PaisCu NI 1965 H Mint
Possible Themes of New Series of Coins
This weekend's purchase - proofs
A selection of Rs10 commems grace à Sicador & Vivek
Delivery of ICMR & Civil Aviation Sets
Bose 1996
2012 - Rs 10 Coin
India 10 Rupee 1971 & 1972 Proof Coin Covers with Plastic Capsule
ebay dealer stealing pictures
UNC FAO coins from the 70s
India 1969 Proof Set Red vs Blue Cover
1971 proof set FAO
My UNC/Proof Collection
Tilakji VIP Set's
Indira Gandhi Proof Set
Opinion wanted, some of my Indian Republic standard coinage..
Nehru UNC Set
tialk steel 5rs 2007
My (Vivek) commem Rs50 Coins collection !
1975 FAO 50 rupees - proof or proof like?
1976-B 50Rs F.O.A Proof India
Civil Aviation & ICMR: mint marks & booking qts
india 1970 20 paise sun and lotus roll
Experimental "EXP" Coins
Visit to Mahalaxmi temple Sulebhavi Belgaum
Dateless' Indian Coins
Hyderabad single coin sets
Should the "Personalities & Events on Indan coins" be kept a sticky topic ?
2005 10Rs Bimetallic Mumbai Mint
Rs 5 Tilak..Anyone got the Cu-ni coins in circulation ?
Competition: Possible Indian Commemorative Coins in 2012
Any one heard about 1994 international year of family Noida mint
10 Rs 2012 with new symbol
Price query: 100 Rupees unc ILO 1994
Re1 Lok Nayak Jaya Prakash Narayan Mumbai Mint Die Variety (Wrong attribution)
Price query - 1954 Half and quarter rupee
Re1 cross coin offer on ebay - Any special?
Mint identification of this 1999 Two Rupee
Rs 5 50 Years of Khadi & Village Industries - Prices
5 PAISE COIN Year1984 With Satyameva Jayate CALCUTTA Mint
New sets awaiting Booking by the Mints in 2013
Commemorative and Circulation Coins : Subscription
India, Bhagwan Mahavir Janma Kalyanak commemorative, KM 304.
Can any one confirm the Mintage of the below republic India Coins
Can any one confirm the existance of Regular 1 Rupee 1991 Noida Mint
Easy way to differentiate between Crop Science first issue and re-strike issue
Republic of India definitive coinage list
india 5rs 2007 first war of independence copper nickel circulation strike
New 2012 1 Rupee from circulation
India: Noida mint started when?
return of lord mahavir coins
jp railways naoroji and others released in circulation
Price of Re-Strike Mumbai Vs Kolkata Mint
5 Rs B mint Khadi Village Cupro-Nicel circulation coin
1955 2 Anna
Coins Broken From a 1950 Proof Set !!
Doubt in UNC Condition copper coin-1 PICE or 1 Paise
2013 Coins in circulation?
Question on 60 yrs of Parliament coins - calcutta mint
No Takers for Proof Sets!!
Protest against re-issuance of Earlier Issued Commemorative coins
Discussion on Current mintage stats
help me identify this collection of coins and its market value ................
Mumbai mint opens it's shop !
The 1970 One Rupee Coin : Circulation/Business Strike
Suggestions for Collecting Indian Coins
Years of issue.....
Pattern 1977 - 5 Paise
new 50 paise 2011
1969 - 5 Paise - Mumbai Mint
2 Rupees Mudra and Unity in Diversity Designs
Identification of genuine & doctored 1996 Subhas Chandra Bose 2 Rupees issue
Indian Definitive Changing Faces
National Integration 2 rupee received in circulation

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A guide on Republic India Coins & Currencies

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Discussions - Part 3
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2013, 11:39:10 AM »
Discussions - Part 3

New 5 Rs Coins??
Speculation - Introduction of Rs 20 Coin as Definitive
Hyderabad sets 2013: Round III - Page 6 Coin Design
Found In Circulation - Daily Found
Quick price check
Booking Coins From Mints
Possible Phila-numismatic covers of India
Blanks made in Hyderabad
National Integration Coins - 1996 & 1997
Kolkata Commemoratives Recoined by Hyderabad Mints
Mumbai mint mark 2010? km387
Discussion: Booking of Coins from Mint
Mint Marks on Indian Coins
50 paise republic coins ?
Getting coins from Bank / RBI
Help Building a Collection of Indian Rs 5
Advice for purchase of commemorative coins from dealers
1982 Small 1 Rupee
Asian Games 1982 H Mint 25 paise - Rate
Reminted Vs Original Sets from Mumbai and Kolkata Mints
A question about error strikes
Ones and twos
Bangalore coin collectors
JJ Collection
10 Rs silver
Coin Vending machine at SBI Bank
2 Rs Air Force
New Govt: Impact on commemorative release
Found In Circulation - Daily Found
Jawahar Lal Nehru
1969 Gandhi UNC Set: Fake or Genuine
1960 5 Naye Paise
World Food Day 10 paise 1982
1970 rupee
Rs. 2 Netaji coin 1996
Forestry for Development 25 paise coin
5 Rupees - Unity in Diversity
Lotus Coin
1 rupee 1986 & 1987
A strange cross 2 rupee
Bunching of release and increasing delay due to more number of issues
IGM HYD - purchase doubt.
Coins & Notes In Circulation
2014 Definitive Coins
2015 coins Rs 2
Discussion: Is this 2014 Rs 2 an Error Coin
Gandhi 20 paise coin
1985 1 Rupee small coin foreign mint(London, Birmingham H)
1955 2 annas
H Mint restrike doubt
Land vital resource 1993 2/-
Biodiversity 1993
India: 5 rupees 2009BC, km373, date and Ashoka pillar QUESTION
Discussion: Dates on Indian Coins
India 1970 10 Rupees Calcutta Mint Coin
Is the 1981 FAO 10 rupee rare compared to others 10 rupees of FAO series
Rs 5 Crop Science - Help decide better coin
1954 One Pice Hyderabad Mint
Favorite Indian Commemorative of 2015 (Calendar Year)
5 Rupee Bi-metallic Nritya Mudra Experimental Coin
Discussion: Are these commemorative valuable
Discussion: 1996 Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel Rs 2 Coin
Is the list of Indian Circulating Commemorative Coins up to date?
2016 Coins
Indian commemorative coin packs
Discussion: Strike quality of Indian coins
Discussion: Rs 5 Commemorative coin First War of Independence
Discussion: Clean the1962 1 naya paise bronze coin
Discussion: Online Booking of Mumbai Mint Counter Sale Products
Interesting Pattern: 2014 Rs 2
50 years of BHEL / Chinmayannd / Jamshedji Tata
Favorite 2016 Coin
Mysterious Refund from SPMCIL
50 Paise Die Clash Error
First Strike Coins
Supreme Court Dismisses PIL Seeking Ban on Use of Coins and Banknotes
Genuine mint error or a sanwith job
Has Noida Mint release any Proof/UNC sets
2017 Circulation coins
Mata Vaishno Devi: Mysterious Dot
India Repubilc: 5 rupess 1994C, but which km#?
India Commemorative Coins in 2017: Any guesses?
Favorite Indian Commemorative Coin of 2017
1976 One Rupee Damaged Coin
Discussion: 50 Paise 1991 Damaged Coin
The 2010 2 rupee Noida mint (Mudra Coin)
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A guide on Republic India Coins & Currencies

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New Issues
« Reply #5 on: December 31, 2013, 11:40:45 AM »
New Issues

New Definitive Issue

New Definitive Issue: 2007: India 2 rupees
New Definitive Issue: 2008: India: New circulation 10 Rupee
New Definitive Issue: 2007: Rs 5 Connectivity and Information Technology
New Definitive Issue: 2008: First Bi-Metallic - New circulation 10 Rupee (Part 1)
New Definitive Issue: 2008: First Steel Coin of Rs 5
New Definitive Issue: 2008: Rs 5 Nickel Brass
New Definitive Issue: 2008: Rs 10 and other denominations
New Definitive Issue: 2008: 50 Paise Steel
2011 new coinage series mint set launched

New Commemorative Issue

New Commemorative Issue: 2006: Mahatma Basveshwara
New Commemorative Issue: 2007: India - 150th birth anniversary of L.B.G. Tilak
New Commemorative Issue: 2007 : KVIC
New Commemorative Coin: 2007: Platinum Jubilee of Indian Air Force
New Commemorative Issue: 2008: 75 Years of Dandi March
New Commemorative Issue: 2008: Birth Centenary of Lal Bahadur Shastri
New Commemorative Issue: 2008: India - 50 Yrs of Khadi and Village Industries
New Commemorative Issue: 2008: INDIA - 50 Yrs of ONGC
New Commemorative Issue: 2008: India - Jagat Guru Sree Narayana Gurudev
New Commemorative Issue: 2008: Ter Centenary of Gur Ta Gaddi
New Commemorative Coin: 2008: Ter Centenary of Gur-Ta-Gaddi
New Commemorative Coin: 2008: Shaheed Bhagat Singh
New Commemorative Issue: 2009: C.N.Annadurai
New Commemorative Issue: 2009: Homi Bhabha Rs 100 and Rs 10
New Commemorative Coin: 2009: Louis Braille
New Commemorative Issue: 2009: Louis Braille - Single Coin Proof Set
New Commemorative Coin: 2009: Dr Rajendra Prasad noida mint
New Commemorative Coin: 2009: 60th Anniversary of Commonwealth of Nations
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: Saint Alphonsa
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: Chidambaram Subramaniam
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: C Subramaniam noida mint
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: Platinum Jubilee of RBI
New Commemorative Issue: 2010: Dr Rajendra Prasad
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: Rabindranath Tagore
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: Rabindranath Tagore Rs 5 Proof
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: 1000 yrs of Brihadeeswarar Temple - Rs 1000 Coin
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: Mother Teresa
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: XIX Commonwealth Games
New Commemorative Issue 2010: Commonwealth Games Single Coin UNC
New Commemorative Coin: 2011: 100 years of Civil Aviation 
New Commemorative Coin: 2011: 150 Years of Income Tax
New Commemorative Coin: 2011: 150 Years of Income Tax
New Commemorative Coin: 2011: Centenary of ICMR
New Commemorative Coin: 2011: Comptroller and Auditor General Of India (CAG)
New Commemorative Coin: 2012: 60 Years of Parliament
New Commemorative Coin: 2012: 60 Years of Alipore Mint
New Commemorative Coin: 2010: 150 Years of Kuka Movement
New Commemorative Coin: 2012: Swami Vivekananda
New Commemorative Coin: 2012: Motilal Nehru
New Commemorative Issue: 2012: Mata Vaishno Devi
New Commemorative Issue 2012: 2 coins UNC Set of Mata Vasihno Devi
New Commemorative coin: 2013: 150th Birth Anniversary Madan Mohan Malaviya
New Commemorative coin: 2013: 125th Anniversary Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
New Commemorative Coin: 2014: Acharya Tulsi
New Commemorative Issue: 2014: Coir Board Diamond Jubilee
New Commemorative Issue: 2014: Jawaharlal Nehru
New Commemorative Issue: 2014: Komagata Maru
New Commemorative Issue: 2014: Begum Akhtar
New Commemorative Coin: 2014: Coir Board Diamond Jubilee
New commemorative Issue: 2015: Jamshedji Tata
New Commemorative Issue: 2015: BHEL
New Commemorative Issue: 2015: Gandhi's return from South Africa
New Commemorative Issue: 2015: Rani Gaidinliu
New Commemorative Issue: 2015: Birth Centenary Swami Chinmayananda
New Commemorative Issue: 2015: Dr. S. Radhakrishnan 125th Birth Anniversary
New Commemorative Issue: 2015: Golden jubilee of 1965 Victory
New Commemorative Issue: 2015: First International Yoga Day
New Commemorative Issue: 2015: India-Africa Forum Summit Coins
New Commemorative issue: 2015: 125th Birth Anniversary Dr Ambedkar
New Commemorative Issue: 2016: Lala Lajpat Rai
New Commemorative Issue: 2016: Biju Patnaik
New Commemorative Issue: 2016: 200th Birth Anniversary of Tatya Tope
New Commemorative Issue: 2016: Centennial Celebrations of Banaras Hindu University
New Commemorative Issue: 2016: University of Mysore Centenary
New Commemorative Issue: 2016: 125 years of National Archives
New Commemorative Issue: 2016: 475th Birth Anniversary of Maharana Pratap
Release of Circulation commemorative [Tata, BHEL, Begum] - No RBI Press Release
New Commemorative Issue: 2016: 150 Years of Allahabad High Court
New Commemorative Issue: 2016: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Coming to Vrindavan
New Commemorative Issue: 2017: MS Subbalakshmi
New Commemorative Issue: 2017: Shrimad Rajchandra
New Commemorative Issue: 2017: Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
New Commemorative Issue: 2018: Nabakalebar Rath Yatra

Mint Bookings:
NCLTs from Hyderabad Mint
New Commemorative Coins From Hyderbad mint
New Booking: Kolkata Mint
Commemorative Coin Sets - Kolkatta Mint opening counter.
New Booking: Mumbai -CSubramaniam
Restriked VVIPs from Mumbai Mint
New Booking: Civil Aviation and ICMR
New Booking - Kolkata (Income Tax)
New Bookings : Malaviya and Kuka
New Re-issues: Syama Prasad Mookerjee & Tukaram & Shastri
New Booking: Thanjavur Temple
Hyderabad sets 2013: Round III - High Denominations Included!
High Denom from Hyderabad: Round II
SPMCIL Starts Bookings of New Coin Sets
New Booking: Hyderabad
New Single coin UNC sets booking by Hyd Mint
Over the Counter current coin sell from Mumbai Mint
New Booking: Kolkata Mint
Hyderabad Mint - New Bookings
New Booking - Mumbai Mint - Gandhi's return from SA and Komagata Maru Incident
Hyderabad Mint: Another Booking

Summary Discussions
2015 Issues: India to issue 11 commem coins in this financial year
Commemorative Coins in 2016 and 2017: Any guesses?

Konkan Railways
2016 - commemorative - Banda Singh Bahadur
Plans of commem, India
New Potential Coin: 2013: 100 Years of Indian Cinema
Further new coins
Possible New Issue: Satguru Ram Singh
New Commemorative: Guru Gobind Singh
New Coins: Sant Kabir
New Commemorative: 60 Years of AIIMS
Mother Teresa: India's First PNC cover?
New Commemorative: Ramanujacharya
New Coin Commemorating MGR?
New Commemoratives: 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
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A guide on Republic India Coins & Currencies

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Re: Index of Topics
« Reply #6 on: December 31, 2013, 11:41:29 AM »
Die Varieties

Die Variety: Rupee 1993 B biodiversity
Die Variety: Striking problems
5 Rupees Coins with Reeded and Security Edges
2 Rupees 1998 in nickel
Indian 2 rupees 2005/2007 question (KM#326)
Indian 5 rupees 1996 question
OMS: Circulation 5 Rupee with Proof Die
Die-Variations in Cross Coins
What should we call this coin:   RARE or SCARCE
National Int coin, 1999 of Hyderabad mint, with both bigger and smaller date
2 Rupees Hand, different die axis rotation
1999, Hyd mint, 1 rupee FSS, with a different mint mark
Distinguishing between Type C and D 2 Rupee coins
india 1995 agri expo 2 rupee die variation
Rs 5 brass 2009/10 ....4 varieties
India 5 Rupees-50 YEARS UNITED NATIONS, KM#156.2
Die variety in 5 rupees LalBahadur Shastri Steel coin
Two Different 5 rupees 2009 Hyderabad mint
2003 2 rupee National Integration coin
Diffrenciating between Type I (KM78.1) and Type 3 (KM78.3) 1979 C Mint Re.1 copper-nickel
2 Rupees : 1990  :  Calcutta mint  :  EDGE MILLED
Coins from Hyderabad Mint with different Mint Marks
Die Variety in TWO RUPEES National Integration coin.
Mother's Health is Child's Health : MILLED EDGE
1999 2 Rupees Cu- Nick hyderabad Mint Varities...
Varieties on 25 Paise KM-54 (was KM-703)
2007- 2 rupee cross calcutta mint.. Mule???
Edge Varieties in Five Rupees  : Calcutta mint  :  1992
5 Rs 2004 Complete Milled Edge
Die Varieties in Shyama Prasad Mookerjeee Coins.
Type "A" Varieties Scarce Coins.
Does anybody have 5 Rs Perarignar Anna B mint Small Lion and Fat Lion Variety?
5 Rs Basaveswara B mint Metal, Die and Mule Varieties
sri aurobindo calcutta mint die variety
Mahatmas Basaveshwara Steel : Plain edge.
Dandi March - Steel : Plain edge
Mule varieties in 2 Rupees Unity In Diversity 2005 &   2007 coins of India
Khadi and Village Industrie - Steel : Plain edge
Edge problem in new Rs 2.
India 1989 Nehru 5rs Mumbai mint die variety
india 1991 commonwealth parliament 1rs bombay mint die variety
SANT DNYANESHWAR - Lion size in different mints.
5 Rupees Calcutta Mint - 1992 - 2004 : MILLED EDGE COINS
Sri Aurobindo and musical connection. Indian music
National Integration Rs. 2
india 1989 nehru 5rs bombay mint die variety
2011/2012 1 Rs and 2 Rs Edge Variations
Aurobindo : Noida mint  :  Big 2 , Small 2.
ILO 5rs bombay mint,different obv lion varieties
Five Rupees - Bombay mint Milled edge coins.
1969 all Indian coins
alphonsa die variety
Republic India Anna Series - Bull Type
Re.1 Nehru 1989 lion variety
India: 1 rupee 1988B difference between km79.1 & 79.2
India: 50 paise 1990N the 2 different mint marks "large" and "small"
India: 1 rupee 1992B, km93, large and small diamonds
Rs 5-2004 Lalbahadur Shastri coin Varities
India: 1 rupee 1993B, km92.1, narrow and wide diamond
India: 1 rupee 2001N, km92.1, large and small dot
India: 25 paise, 1982B, km52, bold & fine writing
5 Rupees - 2004 - Bombay mint , Milled edge. "
5 Rupees - 2002 : Bombay mint , Milled edge
5 Rupees - 1992 : Bombay mint , milled edge.
The Story of Tilak "ji"...and a discussion on Varieties
Full Narayangurudev die varieties/mule coins set(steel)
tilak ji and jagath guru mule released
Mahatma Basaveshwar 5 RS-Cu Ni -2006
2 rs cr das die varieties calcutta mint i know??
2 Rs 2012 Kolkata mint Die Variety.(Just like 2011)
india 2 rs vallabhai patel noida mint varieties
India: 2 rupee, 1998, km296.?, Noida 2 dot sizes
Varieties in Chittaranjan Das Two Rupee coin
Some 2 Rupees Varieties
10rs vaishno devi my observation on variety
Five Rupees :  Bombay mint 1998 : Milled edge - Fat lion & Thin lion
More 2 Rupees Varieties
Multiple Commemorative Variety
Definitive 2013 Rs 5 Plain Edge
Die Variety: Rs 5 Tilak Coin
India: 2 rupees 2006B (Mumbai), km326, dates
1962 1 naya paise bronze coin
Mule Coins of Republic India
India: 5 rupees, 2005b, Dandi march, which is km325a / A365?
Mule coins of Basaveswar and Dandi march FSS 5 rupees
Milled Edge 5 rupee coins
India: 2 rupee, km395, rim differences
India: Rims on 2 rupee coins, km395, from at least 2011
India: 2 rupee 2013B, km395, rim differences
Common Wealth Games (Die Variety or Clog?)
Diffrenciating between Type I (KM78.1) and Type 3 (KM78.3) 1979 C Mint Re.1
1950 b 1/2 anna variety KM 2
Varieties in Chittaranjan Das Two Rupee coin
1970 b mint 50 paise Type 1 & Type 2 lions
India 2 rupee, 2003N, km121.4????
India: 1 rupee 1979B, km78.n / Is this a km78.3?
Small-Circular - 2 Rupee 1999 and Big-Circular - 1990 2 Rupee coin
Lion Variety in Rupees 2 Cu-Ni (1992-2004) coins
1964 Nehru One Rupee coin edge variety
Discussion: 1991 One Rupee Plain Edge

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Re: Index of Topics
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My first error coin
10 Rupees,2005-My First Bimetallic Error Coin!
Holed' Bimetallic
Another Error..
Homi Bhabha 10 Rupees-Die Axis Rotation
Error coin in 5 RS Very Rare
1983 - 1 Rupee Brokage Coin
Lucky Find : Another Error Coin
Couple of Error Coins
Seven Mistakes in Rajendra Prasad Commemoratives
One Rupee - Die rotational error - 2010
India 10 paise steel 1993 error
My Error Coins of India
OMS - Bimetallic 10Rs in Unimetal
Rs 10 Information Tech 2010 - Error FSS coin
Jawaharlal Nehru - One Rupee - Ghost Image
This weeks find: one error coin and 60 yrs of commonwealth
Rupees Five - Die Rotation : Medal Allignment
Is this an error?
Mother Teresa 5 Rupee Die shift Error
What's the extra metal ?
2 Rupees Unity in diversity - Error
5 RupeesFake or Error?
The coin to watch
parellal mark on coin
Big 2Rs Die rotation
Big in size 20 Paise coin
Platinum Jubilee of RBI: Flan shift
Is It a Die Crack?
2 Rupees (2011): Flan Shift
Rs.10 Bimetallic RBI - Error coin
2003 - 5 Rupee coin - Variety?
Wave 5 Rs. 2008 coin
Odd 2010 2 Rupee coin
some interesting anamolies i have found recently
10 Rupess Bi-metallic :  Mint Error
1965 10 Paise Cu-Ni---Mints
5 Rs Nehru missing year and mint mark
1 Rs Nehru Lamination Error
Five Rupees coins not minted in copper-nickel - Copper-Nickel
Mudra 2011 1rs and 2rs
Blank Planchet - 2 Paise?
Rs5 SBI Steel Plain Edge
Plain Edge : One Rupee Commemorative Coins
1 Rupee 1999 - odd mintmark
Interesting Mule: 5Rs CWG Without Denomination
A Rs 5 Mis-Struck Coin. Need Inputs and discussion
1998 Hyderabad 1 rupee Off Center
Rajiv Gandhi 1 Rupee Badly cracked dye? or what
2001 25 Paise diamond on star mintmark
25 Paise Unknown Doubling
A new mule coin found
2 Rupees National Integration : Die clash / Double Ghost error - Map of India
Planchet Error
Exploring India Republic Error Coins
Subramaniam Mule Coin
10 Rupee 2010 RBI Platinum Jubilee..
5 rupee error coin?
Bhagat Singh OMS
Bhagat Singh: A Case of Mysterious Lines
National Integration 2 Rupees - 2001 : Round planchet.
Blank planchet - India ?
Sha"haa"d Bhagat Singh ? possible error
Rs.5 Tagore Without Denomination (Mule ???)
5 Rs 2000 with double ring
They are twins, but yet they look so different!!!
Rs5 - 2012 Mule Coin
India: 1 rupee 2002C, km92.1, normal and die error
Another Error coin found (Use of  wrong coin blank )
2007 2 rupee cross error coin
50 Paise Error coin
coins not re-released thread
lets get the party started - Cu-Ni coins have finally been released in qty!
Khajana of Coins
Tagore Mule Coin without Denomination
Error coin India 10 paise 1988 and 1989
Cu-Ni coin with magnetic property
is it an error coin rs 2 India?
Error coin India 5 paise
Error coin India
error coin rs 10  India
Some 2 Rupees Varieties
Error - Rs 5 Mata Vaishno Devi - Rotation Error
India: 1 rupee 2010, km385, RBI, with edge varieties
1959 - 1 Paise Die Rotation Error
extra metal on edge
ts a rare error
what is this error
Ten Rupees Bi metallic coin
5 paisa coin - Die Break
5 rupees mule
10 Rs. Bimetallic coin - Error
Error: Die Break Rs 5 ICMR
Error: 10 and 20 paise Coins found (out of 500+ coins)- 1968,1970 nickle-brass
Discussion: Error Coins - Small Farmers - National Integration
India 1997 Subhas Chandra Bose Rs.2 coin with Reverse capped die error....
Discussion: Is this Error in Rs 1 and Rs 2
Error: Die cud in Five Rupees : Calcutta : 1992
Display: Error Coins
1985 1 Rupee Error Coin Birmingham H
1991 20 Paise Error in Planchet
Error: 1997 Two Rupees Die Crack
Error: 2003 Two Rupees
Error: 1997 Two Rupees Die Crack
Error: 2011 Two Rupees Die Cud
Error: 1982 20 Paise Off Center Strike
Error: 1998 Two Rupees Die Crack
Error: 1991 one rupee and 20 paisa
Error: 1995 Rs 2 Die Crack
Error: 1992 Rs 2 Planchet Error

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Re: Index of Topics
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News - Coin Crime
News - Coins as arguments
News - Shiny shiny
News - State Museum gets Central clearance
News - 13-year old wants a museum
News - Coin vending
News - Call it a coin
Old isn't Gold
Back to school
Robin Hood in India :)
Coin Shortage Again!
India: 10 Rupees Bimetallic Issue (Part 2)
Untouchable Indian coin
Indian coin issue statistics
The coin smugglers
Withdrawal symptoms
Brother, can you spare a rupee?
500 Million Tenners to Be Issued By Indian Mints
2009 10 Rupees Coins
India's 10-Rupee Fails to Circulate
Old ordinances never die, they just fade away
Rarest Coin With Magical Power: Ujala Blue Coin
End of the line for the 25p?
Indian Coins –Journey from Steam engine coin  minting press  to automatic coin m
Coin hunger
New Rupee symbol on coins
The 30 paise coin
Fake Rs 10 Coins
India: New Coins 'Confusing'
News - Indian interest for Indian coins: Over Rs 4 lL for Gupta period coin
25 Paise Coins are no more Legal Tender in India
SPMCIL Report: Modernization of Mints Planned by 2014
SPMCIL Making Coins for Other Countries?
News - Indian Coin melting units busted, 5 arrested
Commemorative planned on 500yrs of Sri Krishnadevaraya?
News: 'Coin' Rain - Rs 10 lakh worth coins spill on road
Want Change? Get Some Toffees Instead!
News Report: RBI mulling doubling coins
News - Soon, coins to pop up at railway stations
News - Where do they find such clever mottos?
News - This coin grader wants you to keep the change
Hindustan Times : Minting on error: Rs. 5 coins go for Rs. 5,000, Commonwealth G
India collects
50 Paise Coins Are Still Being Struck!
RBI's Currency Distribution System
10 Coins Create Confusion in Faridabad
Gurgaon: Huge Lot of Counterfeit Coins Seized
Kozhikode Man Gets Blank Coins from Bank
Great Indian Demonetization: Mints Working Overtime
NAB Files Petition in Bombay High Court for Visually Impaired Friendly Currency
More big plans?
50 paise coin loses value in market
in Production at Four Government Mints Temporarily Halted

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Re: Index of Topics
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Fake: New 5 Rupees Issue in Brass
Token or Coin? 1947 Jaya Hind
FORGERY Indira Gandhi 1 Rupee Coin
Help Needed
Pride of India Collection of Stamps
Forged 100 Rupee Coin - World of Work - ILO
Pics Uploaded: Rs1000 & Rs 500 coins on Endangered Species
1990 Ambedkar
Fake 10 Rs bimetalic coins
1972 Sun-Lotus coin
New 10 Rs: With New Rupee Symbol
1971b and 1972b one rupees used coin
Republic India First Day Coin Covers
I Rupee 1985 coin with reverse "B" mint mark
India 1994 5rs top proof error
India fake 10 rs 2010 bimetalic
India state bank of india 5 rs forgery 2006
Jay Hind token
A Fake 5 rs IT coin found from circulation
Does anyone know of this 10 rupee bimetallic coin??
Another Forgery: 10Rs Hyderabad
Intl Youth Year: Fake VIP set of Mumbai Mint
Sholay Coin
Menace of Fake VVIP Coin Sets
50 yrs of independence - privately minted coin?
1 Rupee Steel Coin with milled edge
C SUBRAMANIYAM 2010 Commemorative coin doubt
Can any one help me with mintage of below coins?.
One Rupee 1954
Pirated VIP Sets
help on 1996 2 rupees subhas chandra bose
Single Coin Sets Temple and other Issues
Rs10 coin - only an outer ring ?!
Another Private Package - This time on Civil Aviation
One Anna & Half Anna Coin Fake?
Durgadass Kissing: How was this made?
Kolkata Mint Token - Golden Jubilee Celebration
Fake: An Interesting Error Coin - 10 Rupee with two different Obv and Rev
1969 Ten Rupees Gandhi Proof: Fake or Genuine
Bangalore coin collectors
The return of the Indian sovereign
1955 - 2 Annas - Is this Genuine or Retooled fake
50 Rupees Save for Developments Fake?
Curious Case of Some Coins
Strange 10 Rupees Coins 1970
How to buy coin sets from India mints Online
Fake: Bimetallic Rs10 in Unimetal: Genuine or Forgery?
Fake Patterns
Slow period
Fake Hi Denomination Coins
Errors in Fake Tokens

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