ECB Survey about Banknote Quality

Started by chrisild, December 06, 2013, 01:03:44 AM

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The European Central Bank currently has a few questions for you. :)  At the ECB website there is a survey "on the quality of euro banknotes in circulation", with questions about the overall condition of the €50 and the new €5 notes, about your preferred means of payment* etc. Have a look here:

* That one I found odd. What would I use to make a €30 payment? And then I am supposed to pick one of the answers?? Well, being a good German ;) I simply picked "cash" - but of course that does not actually reflect my paying habits: Sometimes I use cash for such an amount, sometimes a credit or debit card, sometimes a transfer, sometimes direct debit ... And the decision does, in many cases, not depend on my personal preferences. Duh.



The question says "most likely". I think that question is key. First, the ECB is looking for compliments, which in my opinion it deserves. The notes in circulation look good. Second, it wants to keep issuing €50 notes, so they want you to say you need it. They can make the argument if a significant majority says they are most likely to use cash for paying an amount of €25 or more (I can do the math, but too tired now). I guess there is pressure to do away with the high denomination notes...

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