Unknown Sultanate coins

Started by KennyisaG, November 23, 2013, 01:16:15 AM

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Anyone know about these guys?


A member before was unable to identify the 8th, but from past experience, #2 looks like Kashmir, #3 looks like Sassanid Empire, #4 looks like Malwa, #5 looks like Mughal central government, and #7 looks like Afghanistan. Any help will be appreciated.

1. 12mm
2. 15mm
3. 20mm
4. 17mm
5. 19mm
6. 13mm
7. 13mm
8. 15mm
9. 19mm
10. 20mm
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It would be better to do 1 coin per post, but taking them as 1-5 top row, 6-10 bottom row
1. Ghaznavid ?
2. Ottoman manghir, Constantinople?
3. possibly Ilkhanid, but definitely not Sasanian
4. Umayyad anonymous fals
5. not sure, but definitely not Mughal
6. Late bull and horseman jital, Tye 53.2?
7. Kangra Rajas, probably Kapa Chandra Deva, Tye 64
8. Ottoman manghir, mint illegible
9. Abassid fals
10. Afganistan?



Hi Alan, thanks for taking your time to identify them. :) You were right about the Ilkhanid coin, somehow I was thinking of Sassanid since they're both Iranian.

I put up the sizes in the original message for further identification.
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