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Started by shariqkhan, November 23, 2008, 11:07:25 AM

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Dear Friends
Please have a look at the coin at http://coincollectorsofindore.blogspot.com under title Unidentified Coin. Do you have any idea about this coins.

Shariq Khan


Reverse has been put up-side-down.

BC Numismatics

  Your coin looks like it comes from either Bundi or Orchha.



Your coin is not in very good shape Shariq, specially the reverse (the side opposite the parallel lined side). I would like to see a better picture and I would like to know the weight of the coin. 
Not that many Independent Kingdoms or "Princely" states employed what I refer to as parallel lines on coins. The short list includes Maratha Confederacy, Gwalior, Chhota Udaipur and your own Indore. Can you add to the list?


It is not an issue of any of the wellknown Indian Princely States. The reverse shows a vertical dagger next to the Ry. 6. It's probably a local issue somewhere of the Malwa area. A better and clear image may perhaps help to indentify the coin.


Its weight is 17 gms. The mark/symbol near the dagger is like the "Ankush" used by Mahaut to control the elephant.


Thanks Shariq.  Now I see the dagger!  I would love to see a better image of your coin.