silver fragment, friesland?

Started by Michiel, November 02, 2013, 11:54:43 AM

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My first idea was luik (liege) because of the fb. left picture. but it fits better as friesland?

fragment: 0.77 gram , 20 mm


The coat of arms suggests Friesland.
The F-B and the double cross suggest it to be a "Frysk Butken" or halve stuiver.
Can not find one with a date of 1599 in the "Catalogus Nederlandse Muntslag" however.


All correct. Some more details.

Verkade 129.6. Official weight 1 gram.

obv: crowned arms of Friesland (two lions passant guardant) between F and B (denomination) MOneta.NOva.ORDINVM.F(risiae?) - new (silver) coin of the estates of Friesland
rev: decorated double cross, lion in centre, F and B (x2) between arms, cross breaking through pearl circle. NISI.DomiNvS.NOBISCVM - unless the lord is with us.

Another specimen here

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


The problem with Verkade 129.6 is that this should not have a year indication. And there's clearly a 99 above the crown i think. That's my reason for doubt.


Because of the 99 above crown i have also doubt about the butken that is listed in verkade


Today "van der wis" the co author of the cnm told that this is an friesland butken, an never seen coin because of the 9. The coin is normal without an year. This coin will be listed in the new cnm 3 as year (15)99.


Nice find ! Good to have this confirmed by an authority in the field. Congratulations  :D