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Currency Systems

£sd slashes and dashes

Cents without dollars, shillings and pounds without pence
Coins without the name of the issuing nation
Commemorative coins in lieu of circulation coins
Countries which do not have coins of their own
Countries with banknotes & coins of the same denomination
Creation of the new Indian rupee symbol
Currency names: last man standing
Currency names used by only one country
Currencies that were officially named after real people
Currencies with high nominal values
Currencies with low nominal values
Currencies with more than one name

Defunct currency names of modern times
Denomination systems
Denominations you can't give change for
Dollar Etymology
Economics of making small denomination coins

Families of currencies
From pounds, shillings and pence to a new national currency

Land of the Rising Zeroes
Local short sets supplemented by overseas full sets
Managing Currency Transition
Most Efficient Coin System
New Country= New Currency...but Lack of imagination ?
New Currency Code for Zambia
Newly introduced denominations

One-off sets from countries with circulation coins

Ratio between highest and lowest denomination
Russia wants single currency for Eurasian Economic Union
Same denomination - different specification
Swedish rounding

The Crown and its peers
The Pound Sterling: the world's oldest active currency?
There are only four basic currency systems in the world

Unusual Denomination Systems
Unusual denominations
Which Country Has The Oldest Circulating Coins?
World transitional coinage

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