Sultans of Dehli, Sikander Shah Lodi (AH894-923/AD1488-1517): G & G D706

Started by mtayal, November 15, 2008, 10:03:29 AM

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Please help confirm attribution of the coin in the pic attached. Appears to be Jaunpur Sultan 1400-1465 AD.



Hi Mahesh,
I think that you are correct that the coin is from the Sultans of Jaunpur.  I hope that I am right about the correct  obverse and reverse posted below. How much does your coin weigh.  (I suspect that Overlord thinks that I am obsessed with this information.  ;)
I am having difficulty with the obverse.  Your coin could be from Shams Al-Din Ibrahim Shah, AH 804 to 844.  If I am correct, the obverse should say ibrahim shah al-sultani khulidat mamlakatahu.  Shariq, does it? 
The Reverse appears to say at least the phrase al-mu 'minin. The entire phrase should be al-khalifa amir al-mu 'minin khulidat khilafatahu. 


Sultans of Dehli, Sikander Shah Lodi (AH894-923/AD1488-1517), very common billon tanka (of 80 rati), No mint, dated AH917. Ref.: Goron/Goenka D706.


I see that I need to have more confidence.  The reason I was having trouble with the obverse was that I WAS LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE!   >:(
I also see that though I was closer with the reverse, I wasn't quite right either. 
Obverse:  al-mutawakhil 'ala 'I rahman sikandar shah bahlul shah sultan
Reverse:  fi zaman amir al-mu 'minin khulidat khilafatuhu.


Should this not be moved back to the other board from where it was mooved. This board is for Princely states and Mughal coins. Coins upto the Islamic sultanates are covered under ancient coins.
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