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Which topics go in the Coin Collecting boards?


Which topics go in the Coin Collecting boards?

“Coin collecting” may seem rather a general term, but the Coin Collecting boards are specifically concerned with the activity of coin collecting and the needs and interests of coin collectors. Any topic which addresses those concerns fits in the Coin Collecting boards.

Typical subjects include:

•   Members’ collections, private collections. 
•   Methods of collecting
•   Views on collecting and experiences of collecting
•   Buying and selling, including valuing coins and market trends
•   Where to find interesting coin fairs and reliable coin dealers
•   Grading coins
•   Coin accessories and the cleaning and conservation of coins
•   Coin Clubs and Numismatic Societies
•   Coins and the law, fakes and forgeries



Q. I am a coin collector and a numismatist. What is the difference between the Coin Collecting board and the Numismatics board?

A. The topics in the Coin Collecting board are about collector-driven and collector-oriented subjects. The topics in the Numismatics board are mint-oriented and currency-oriented; they also deal with related economic and political issues (for instance currency management), the science of numismatics, and historical research. Governments and mints produce currencies, banknotes and coins because they have to supply a need. By contrast, coin collecting is not driven by need: it is an activity freely undertaken by collectors. So you could say that the Numismatics board deals with the creators, while the Coin Collecting board is for the enthusiasts.

Examples: topics about numismatic societies would usually go in the Coin Collecting board, because such societies are primarily collector-driven and oriented. Topics about coloured coins would also usually go in the Coin Collecting board – they are produced by mints, but they are collector-oriented and therefore not needed by governments, treasuries or the general population.

Q. I want to show off my collection. Should I post a topic in the Coin Collecting board?

A. If the scope of your topic would fit in one of the more specific boards, e.g. “Austria and Switzerland”, "Caribbean" or “Ancient Greece”, it’s best to post your topic there. However, if your collection covers a wide range (e.g. European and Indian coins) and would not fit in an individual board, then the Coin Collecting board is the ideal place for your topic.


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