half dollar 1966 kennedy.and a canadia 25 cents rare.?

Started by darkglaw, October 20, 2013, 02:08:24 PM

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hi in my country (Greece) some seller gave half dollar  500 -1000€ why they give the half dollar so much are they rare?
and a canada 2000 25 cent exelent contition rare or not?


Silver US halves aren't worth close to a fortune. Occasionally but rarely they end up in change, but they are worth about 6 US dollars. Commemorative Canadian quarters aren't common and are sought after, but nothing more than a few dollars.
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The melt value of the 1966 40% silver Kennedy Half is currently $3.26.  108,984,932 were minted.

There were 35,102,206 of the Creativity quarter minted.

Coin is part of following series: In April 1998, the Mint announced the Millennium Coin Design Contest, a contest open to all Canadians to submit designs for twenty-four millennium quarters, one for each month of 1999 and 2000. The 1999 designs were meant to look back on Canada's past, while the 2000 designs looked to the future. While the 1999 coins were labeled with their month of issue, the 2000 coins were labeled with the relevant them.

Buy it now price on Ebay in the US is about $3.00

So I don't think either coin is rare.