Dam of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), mint Narnol, AH 963

Started by Overlord, November 13, 2008, 08:07:58 AM

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Here is a dam from the first year of Akbar's rule (AH 963, AD 1556).

Zarb falus Narnol (Struck copper coin at Narnol)

Here is a crude illustration depicting my take at the inscription. I can't place the green symbol, though. Is that a part of "Narnol"?

Nuhsad Shastad o teen 963 (Nine hundred sixty and three 963)


You have very nicely explained the inscription on this Akbar dam of Narnol mint.
A few additions, the letter (green) which you couldn’t explain on the obv. is the Seen of Jalus. On the reverse side with the date, the beginning of Nohsad (or Nuhsad = 900) start with a Nun and not with a curved symbol as shown by you. Shastad start by a three-forked symbol with three dots above and the o (= and) is in Persian represented by a Wow
The symbol for teen (= three) starts with a Te , followed by a short Ye and a Nun


Excellent explanation. Both helpful for reading as well guiding a newbie like me to learn how to read inscriptions.


Oesho, thanks for explaining the symbols so clearly. So, Seen would be the equivalent of letter "s", reading Jalus (or Falus) from right to left. In my coin, the curved part of this Seen, the Nun of Nuhsad, and most of the and are off the flan, so I am posting an illustation from W.H. Valentine's book for a visual comparison:

The Shastad and the teen are victims of my excellent drawing skills ;D


Overlord and Oesho, Thank you very much for your renditions and explanations.  Fantastic!